4 Ideas to Motivate People to Recycle More

In a time where people want to do their part to help the environment, materials are being recycled more now than ever before. With materials such as paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, and aluminum eligible to be recycled, more is being kept out of landfill sites and less energy is being used to produce more.

With such amazing outcomes, it is no surprise that recycling processes are being encouraged the world over. However, there are many people who still do not recycle on a regular basis, still choosing to throw materials that can be recycled into the garbage can. If you work with or live with people who do not recycle, below our ways you can encourage them to do so.

1. Signage

While recycling processes have been implemented and encouraged for decades now, the reality is there are still a large amount of people who choose not to. This is mainly due to because they are unaware of what materials are recyclable.

In order to get people to recycle more in your home or office, consider posting signs in strategic areas such as over recycling bins and garbage cans as well as in the lunch room. Ensure the signs specify what can be recycled as well as what materials can be mixed together. These signs will inform people of the materials that they possibly have in their possession that can be recycled and they can then make an informed decision of how to dispose of them.

2. Place bins near garbage

When people need to dispose of things, it is a natural reaction to through them in the garbage. Recycling processes have come a long way over the years but the reality is there are still way more garbage bins available than recycling bins, making it easier to trash things rather than recycling them.

Placing recycling bins near or next to garbage bins may be effective in getting people to recycle more. Together with the signs detailing what is eligible to be recycled, people will be made aware of what is recyclable and can then make a conscious choice regarding what to do with their materials.

3. Offer incentives

While people should recycle because it is the right thing to do and is instrumental in reducing harm done to the environment, sometimes this is not enough. Therefore, incentives should be considered to encourage people to recycle more.

To get those present to recycle more, consider an incentive program for your home or office. Whenever someone recycles materials instead of throwing them in the trash, he/she will get something in return. This can be in the form of prizes, sweets, or special meals. The incentive does not have to be big or expensive and it may be just enough to push someone to recycle eligible materials that they have.

4. Hold drives

People enjoy being part of teams and contributing to a common cause. As a result, recycling drives have been successful in encouraging the collection of recyclable materials and usually people turn out in droves.

To encourage others to recycle more, consider holding a drive. This can come in the form of days or weeks where specific materials are collection. For example one day or week can be designated for can collections, another for paper, and another for plastic. Set goals for people to achieve and report your findings at the end of the specified time period. This will allow your goal to be specific and people can see whether or not it was attained.

Combine your drive with incentives and you may enjoy even more success, getting those who usually do not recycle to participate in the process.