4 Interesting Ways to Upgrade Your Home Decor

You’re not alone if you feel like the appearance of your home is starting to get old. It’s common to feel like your home is lacking something, but you can’t quite put your finger on it. Sometimes you need more than a fresh coat of paint to revitalize the appearance of your house.  In this blog post we’ll look at four smart upgrades you can make to inject some energy into your home!

1. Vary Your Art Selection

Art is one of the most underrated ways to transform the look of your home. Art helps you add a personal touch while filling your room with color. Artwork is excellent for large rooms with lots of windows which can otherwise appear empty and dull. Adding a few strategic art pieces is an inexpensive way to transform the look of a room.

Similar to art, flowers are also excellent for injecting color and ambiance in your home. Changing the flowers in your home to match with the seasons is an excellent way to create a vibrant environment. Bright colored flowers can be used to make the colors of your hardwood floors, chairs, and artwork pop out.

2. Add Some Luxury Features That Fit Within Your Budget

Adding a few strategic luxury features can significantly upgrade the overall feel of your home. Even if your budget only has room for one luxury feature it can still make a significant difference. The key is to differentiate between which upgrades are and aren’t worth making. Good upgrades serve a practical utility while increasing the value of your home at the same tie.

Upgrading your heating system is a highly sought after feature. If a geothermal system is within your budget, your investment will be well returned. Even upgrading to a central heating system will add substantial value to your home.

Redoing your bathrooms is an excellent way to change the feel of your home. Adding accessories to your bathrooms such as under-floor heating and power showers will help you get more money when you’re ready to sell. Including things like a pedestal sink, a new shower door and replacing the tile around your tub will also help rejuvenate the feeling of your bathroom.

3. Invest In A Window Replacement

Aside from the aesthetic benefits, window replacements come with many practical advantages for your home. A new window will help you save money in utility costs while reducing the need for maintenance. Windows replacements are also a simple way to increase the value of your home for later down the road.

Window replacements also upgrade the visual appeal of your home. New window frames help accentuate the other features on the exterior of your home. Your windows will also be easier to clean which keeps them looking new for longer. Window replacements can drastically upgrade the look of an otherwise bland room.

4. Experiment With Different Lighting

Lighting literally transforms how you perceive a room. The lighting you choose has a direct impact on the mood created by your home. When it comes to your living room, include different lighting options so you can adjust depending on the time of day or mood. Adding a light dimmer is a good way to control the appearance of your home.

LED strip lights are also another way you can transform the appearance of your home. LED strip lights fit perfectly under countertops, tables and around artwork to create a low light environment. Get creative with the colors you choose to include in your home.