4 Types of Family Lawyers to Avoid

Anyone who has gone through the pain, stress and suffering of a family battle will tell you what an awful experience it was. However, things can be made better (or worse) by the lawyer you hire. Not all lawyers are good for you and let’s face it, they are not created equal are they?

Some people may warn you to avoid a particular lawyer because they had a bad experience. However, having the right lawyer beside you can make all the difference in the world and can make or break the case. Here are some tips on what types of family lawyer you should avoid.

1. The Watch Looker

Before you hire a lawyer, you would most likely have had an initial free consultation with them. If you notice that they keep looking at their watch, you can assume that this is a lawyer who only cares about money. Instead of listening to what you have to say, they look at the time constantly. You should avoid working with this lawyer.

2. Poor Communication

Your family lawyer must always communicate with you clearly and in a timely manner. You should not be made to feel like you are left in the dark and not know where to turn to or what to do next. If you go through this, then your family lawyer is not keeping you in the loop and is not good at communicating. This is not good for you because you are going to be stressed and anxious in a case where you probably feel this way already without poor communication being added to it. If your lawyer keeps you in the dark, make an appointment to see him or her, face to face. This way, you can find out what you need to do or what is expected next. However, if your family lawyer still delays and does not take the time to explain things to ease your tensions, you should consider not working with him or her any more. It is best to avoid this lawyer because this is how they may work on your case, and you certainly would not want that, would you?

3. No Plan Or Strategy

Your family lawyer should have a plan of action or strategy, which he or she must convey to you. They must be actively involved and guiding you on how to win the case. If it appears that your case is getting weaker, they should make an effort to strengthen it. If it is going well, they should keep at it and not expect it to be a sure thing. They must make every effort to give you the best chance of winning. Taking things for granted can be a recipe for disaster. If you find that your lawyer has a nonchalant attitude and does not appear to be giving your case much attention, then be wary.

4. Regarding Sole Custody

If you are a woman and your lawyer tells you that you will get sole custody, be careful. Times have changed. In the past, it always seemed like the woman would get sole custody and in fact, statistics proves it. Today, it has become more fair. If the father is decent and fit enough to be a parent and can look after his child, then there is every chance that he may win the case. So, if the father is capable of taking care of his child, but the lawyer assures you that you will win, be careful and perhaps avoid this lawyer. The lawyer is giving you false hope.

Trust your instincts and judgment. If you are not happy or if you think there’s something not quite right, do not use that lawyer. Just because someone is a lawyer does not mean they are good or that they can be trusted. They have to prove their worth to you. If they don’t, move on to a more qualified family lawyer instead.