5 Best Master’s Degrees in Project Management

If you want to become a successful project manager, you should definitely consider the option of getting the project management certification, but reading our list of best master’s degrees in this field may also be quite beneficial. However, having a degree only will not make you a great project manager, as you need to constantly work on your self-improvement, and to try and gain a little bit of a relevant experience before you head to your own projects to manage. The development of various projects in different spheres is one of the most important features of the modern business, being the reason why the job of a project manager is one of the most promising and most influential nowadays. Nevertheless, this is not an easy job, and that should be established from the very beginning, although it may seem to be. The main task of project managers is to coordinate and direct a range of activities of a large number of participants, including project team members, investors, and subcontractors, during the project implementation. The basic goal of people who work in this field is to make such a conceptual solution, that is, a project that will reflect not only the improvement of the business of their company but also something that will improve his or her own status. It is why, if you establish your name as a successful project manager, you will get to earn a lot and gain incredible respect. But, for the beginning, check out some of the best master’s degrees in project management. The website Master Studies was really helpful in this regard.

  1. Master of Digital Technology Management – Digital Project Management – Bologna Business School

This is the full-time master’s program that lasts for one year, and if you are interested in it, make sure to regularly check the official website of Bologna Business School, as it is planned to start in November 2018.

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  1. Master of Project Management (MPPM) – University of Southern Queensland (USQ)

If you always wanted to move to Australia, maybe this is the right reason to go, as one of the best master’s degrees in Project Management is offered exactly there – at the University of Southern Queensland. But, there is also the option of online; part-time studies.

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  1. Master of Project Management – Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU)

Malaysia is quite famous for its incredible universities, scholarships that it offers, and great programs to study. This Project Management master’s program is one of the best, and it may be taught both full-time in the campus, but also part-time, with the possibility of distance learning.

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  1. Masters in Project Management (MPM) – The Open University of Tanzania

If you want to spend some time in this incredibly exotic country, the master’s degree in Project Management offered by the University of Tanzania is definitely something to go for. It may be done both part-time and full-time, and it lasts approximately 18 months.

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  1. Project Management Masters – UniversitĂ© Du QuĂ©bec En Outaouais UQO

Canada may also offer a lot to students who want to improve themselves academically when it comes to project management, as the Université Du Québec En Outaouais conducts an excellent master’s program in this field. You may be both full-time and part-time student, and the program usually starts in September.

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