5 Landscaping Mistakes You Should Steer Clear Of

Landscaping is an exercise that requires deliberateness and precision in execution. This is why landscaping for beginners can be problematic. Mistakes in landscaping usually happen during the initial stages of setting up or during maintenance. To help you avoid such mistakes, we have come up with the top 5 mistakes you should steer clear of.

  1. Shrubs Pruned at The Wrong Time
Credit: Pixabay

The timing in this exercise is critical. This is because some shrubs come to bloom at certain times of the year.  Pruning at the wrong time means that you will miss out on the beauty.  This is because you remove the buds that give out the blooms. Shrubs such as flowering quince or forsythia require strict timing for pruning.

  1. Not Trimming Hedges on Time
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Planting a hedge is a great way of separating your property from your neighbor.  You can also use hedges to partition your yard and separate one landscaping from the other. The plants used for the hedge can sometimes get out of control.  They can become unruly and disorganized.  You will need to trim the hedges to tame them and keep them neat. Check the hedge shrubs regularly to ensure there are no weeds growing.  Weeds can hamper the growth of individual shrubs and will interfere with the quality of your hedge.

  1. Failure to Research on The Plants You Are Buying
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It is important for you to know about the mature size of a plant you want before you plant it.  Selecting a plant before research can bring disaster when it outgrows its space and height.  If, for example, the plant is next to a window it may block your view. The plant may be nuisance for other plants as it may bring unwanted shade.  This was not the intended purpose.  Should you find yourself in such a situation, you have the option of trimming the plant or transplanting it to another location. Always ensure the mature dimension of the plant suits the allocated space.

  1. Wrong Use of Decorations
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The type of decorations you use when landscaping will depend on the effect you want to create.  It is important to be sure whose taste you want to meet.  Yours or other people. You may want for example to landscape so that you can increase the value of your property. In that case the decorations you use should communication to the class of people you want to appeal to.  The ornaments you use will create a certain impression.  Make sure it captures it.  For example, use of tire planters may not be ideal for real estate value landscaping.

  1. Wrong Choice of a Fence Style
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Do not allow your fence to be arbitrary put up.  You need to think over the choices available before you do this. Choosing a fence is not something that can be done on the spur of a moment.  A fence style should work for you even in future.  Initially, you can opt for a temporary fence panel, which is inexpensive.  This can be broken with colorful plants in between.  Once you are settled, you’ll be in a better position to choose the type of fence you want. The temporary fence can be brought down easily to be replaced with a permanent one.

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