5 Myths About Wood Flooring

Wood flooring is a classic and beautiful addition to any home, and people should not be afraid to take the leap to install it. However, there tends to be some hesitation by homeowners to choose wood flooring, a result of misunderstandings that people have about it. But the truth is, most of the fears people commonly have about installing wood flooring are actually myths that can be easily discredited.

1. Myth: It’s expensive

The upfront cost of installing hardwood tends to be higher than some other types of flooring, this is true. However, if the flooring is taken care of properly, it can actually last up to 10 times longer than other types of flooring. The myth here comes from that initial dollar value.

People see that and think they can get away with something cheaper, but what they are not taking into account is the quality and value that they will actually get out of a wood floor for that price. If the amount of time a wood floor will remain functional is taken into consideration, the price all of a sudden proves to be quite economical.

2. Myth: They are easily destroyed

This myth can be discredited in a couple of different ways. Firstly, different types of wood are able to handle different levels of wear and tear. In a household with a lot of action, kids, or pets, a less durable wood surely would not be recommended.

Regardless, some finishes also offer added protection to wood flooring, which allows for even high-traffic households to install wood flooring without having to worry about wear and tear. Secondly, most of the damage people see on wood floors is actually just in the finish. The floor can easily be sanded down and refinished whenever the homeowners choose, and all the damage will pretty much disappear and the floors will look good as new.

3. Myth: Don’t invest in wood floors for the short term

People tend to believe that installing wood flooring is a huge investment, and that you won’t get your money’s worth if you move only a small number of years later. However, even if you move before you’ve really put some wear and tear into the floors, it’s likely that you’ll still get your money’s worth.

Wood floors add value to a home, so when selling, having those wood floors is going to boost the value significantly. Wood floors can increase the value of a home so much, in fact, that if they are in good condition, the added value could be more than the initial investment.

4. Myth: Wood floors are hard to maintain

The only thing you have to worry about when maintaining wood floors is consistency. If you consistently sweep and dust mop or vacuum your floors, they will continue to look nice. Simply be careful to clean up any wet spills immediately after they occur, and to never use too much moisture when trying to clean the floors – that’s a good way to wipe the shine right out of them.

5. Myth: They are not sustainable

People tend to believe that because wood floors are made out of trees, that the industry is depleting forests. However, because trees are a naturally occurring and renewable resource, wood floors are actually more sustainable than other types of manufactured flooring. Many wood floor companies use sustainable practices in their businesses in order to have the lowest environmental impact possible.

Also, unlike other floors that are destroyed after a matter of years, wood floors don’t need to be replaced nearly as often which ultimately makes them more environmentally friendly than other flooring options.