5 Pest Control Solutions for Mice

Mice carry disease they can pass on to humans. They bite and destroy wiring, clothing, paper, and other items in the home and leave a strong, very unpleasant odor along with excrement, wherever they go. Mice come inside homes seeking food and shelter. When they find these things easily accessible, you likely have a big problem on your hands. The following tips help reduce the presence of mice in the home, giving you back cleanliness and sanity from the worry of the danger these rodent causes.

1. Seal Entry Points

Carefully inspect your home searching for any holes in the walls, floor, foundation, etc. that provide mice easy access inside. This rodent can squeeze itself through the tiniest crevices. Seal up any holes or cracks that you find with caulk.

2. Clean the House

Mice prefer dirty homes. If you find mice inviting themselves inside your property, a thorough cleaning is in order. Keep a tidy, neat, clutter-free home in the future. This lessens the odds of a mice infestation since they have fewer places to hide and food is not easily accessible to them. Plus, a clean home feels great and improves indoor air quality. The Quality Affordable Pest Control website has more useful information that could help you get a better understanding.

3. Mouse Traps

Most people use mouse traps when they discover a mouse in the house. The oldest type of mouse trap is set with bait and snaps the neck of the mouse when it sets the trap off. Glue traps and more humane traps are also available. While these products work, using them can get expensive if there is a major rodent problem in the house.

4. Bait Stations

Bait stations are available for DIY use, but also available from pest control professionals. The baits contain small pellets of ” food.” The mouse eats the pellets and then dies since they contain harmful pesticides. Bait station results provide a prompt soliton to a mouse infestation, although the cost of using this solution can be pretty steep in some cases.

5. Professional Extermination Service

Pest control professionals can resolve any mice infestation problem with one of several different solutions. Exterminators offer lethal and non-lethal solutions. They will inspect the home and help determine the best solution for your problem. Exterminators guarantee their service, which is always nice when dealing with a pest like mice.