5 Ways to Help Immigrants Settle Into A New Country

Moving to a new country is always exciting, but it can also be intimidating. As soon as you arrive in Canada, your first step should be to find ways to add a sense of normalcy to your life. Check out these five suggestions to help you get settled as a new citizen.

1. Make Getting Your SIN A Priority

Your SIN number is essential for many of the basic services you’ll need in Canada. Having a valid SIN number shows that you pay taxes, earn money through work and are eligible to use government services. Make getting your SIN a priority during your first week in Canada.

You can start the application for your SIN at any Service Canada office. Make sure you bring all your necessary documents like your passport and your work/study permits. If there’s no lineup, it should take less than 30 minutes to get you set up with your SIN.

2. Make Sure Your New Home Is Secure

Securing your new home is especially important if you’re alone in a new country. Regardless if you move into a new apartment or house, you need to make sure all the basic security tasks are handled. Installing an alarm system and securing your windows helps give you peace of mind in a new strange place and also ensures your valuables are protected.

No matter where you decide to live, start by changing the locks. You have no idea how many service people, ex-cleaners or family members still have the keys to your place. Also, make sure your windows are secured and aren’t letting any drafts in your house. Drafty windows can cost you extra money in utilities which can be a drain on your finances.

3. Get Involved With Organizations Designed To Help You

Thankfully there are many programs designed to help immigrants settle in Canada. One example is the Aurora Therapy program which helps newly arrived families from war-torn countries. This program focuses on the issues of trauma related to war and how to improve your relationships and minimize the impact of migration on your family. Canadian immigration law firms can help direct you to some of these helpful services.

If you have a family, you may find the Early Years Refugee Project (EYRP) quite helpful. This is a project designed to help your children deal with change and adapt to life in a new country. It’s a program designed to support your family in a Canadian context. If you’re feeling lonely or misguided, take the time to research some of the programs offered by the government or your local community centers. If you have any legal problems, be sure to communicate with an immigration lawyer for help.

4. Make Sure Your New Place Is Nice And Calming

As you’re getting used to your new country, your home is going to be the most important place. As we already mentioned, it’s easy to feel lost, depressed and lonely in a new country. It’s important that your home is relaxing and designed to help you recharge. Your home will be like a secret base during your first few months in Canada. Make sure you include elements that important to you personally to help you feel like you’re at home.

5. Find Ways To Get Involved With Your Community

Making friends is tough especially once you’re an adult. Adjusting to life in Canada is a lot easier if you have a network of friends and acquaintances to help you feel at home. Volunteering is a great way to impact your community and meet with other like-minded people. Canadian immigration law firms have the ability to direct you to different opportunities for involvement in your city.

It’s easy to feel isolated once you leave the home you’ve known all your life. Volunteering is an excellent way to help adapt to your new community. Keeping in regular contact with the people you meet enables you to develop a support system that you can tap into in case things go wrong. You’ll also get the chance to help other people with their problems, which in turn will help you get settled.