6 Common Myths About Living in a Retirement Community

There is a lot of misinformation about living in a retirement community. A lot of people will have some concerns about moving into a retirement home. A lot of these concerns and reservations are based on inaccurate information or outdated horror stories. Moving into a retirement community will involve some significant changes to your day to day life, many, if not all of these changes will be for the better.

Here are some common myths about retirement communities that are simply not true!

1. I will be less independent

This is probably one of the more common myths about retirement communities. The truth is that moving into a retirement community allows a break from all of the mundane day to day concerns that dominate our lives. You will have all of the freedom of movement that you desire and if at some point you feel that more care is required, then it is a simple and smooth transition.

2. Everyone in a retirement community is sick or dying

Retirement communities now have a range of fitness programs and daily activities. You should inquire about the various activities that are available for you to enjoy. Retirement homes are full of active and healthy people for you to spend time with if you wish. Many find that as there are so many activities to do that their overall health improves as they are much more active then they were when living at home.

3. Care at home is affordable

If you are to remain at home, you may think that the costs will be cheaper than moving into a retirement home. In actual fact, once you add up all of the costs of maintaining a home, paying bills and groceries living at home is suddenly very expensive. Not to mention all of the extra work that your family needs to put in from time to time.

4. Retirement communities are not for couples

Many couples choose to move into retirement communities together so that they can enjoy the stress-free environment together. Making the transition to a retirement community as a couple can be a fun experience. Although those who have had their spouse pass also find the experience of moving into a retirement community very comfortable.

5. I will have a better relationship with my family if I stay at home

A big concern for a lot of people who are thinking about moving into a retirement home is that they will see their family less than they would than if they stayed at home. If anything, you will be able to choose a retirement home that is close to your family. You will probably end up seeing them more and more. The visits won’t be taken up with chores or meal prep, you will be able to focus on one another and spend the whole visit enjoying one another’s company.

6. The food is terrible

When you are visiting a retirement community that you’re interested in moving into, take a look at the menu for the week. You will be very impressed. It is true that the food quality will vary from one retirement community to another, with a little bit of due diligence you can be sure that the retirement community that you move into has great food.

You can find out a great deal about the quality of the food and other aspects of the retirement community by searching online or having a family member do the research for you. You should not overlook this part of the selection process as you really do want to make sure that your experience at the retirement home of your choice is the best possible.