6 Creative Ways to Use Old Cardboard

Cardboard has its uses in offices, packaging and a variety of other places. When you’re done with it, it can be wasteful to throw it all away. There are many creative ways you can use cardboard when it is no longer needed as a box.

Below is a list of six creative ways you can use old cardboard. Even if you don’t have a use for anything in this list, instead donate boxes to friends or organizations who will reuse them!

1. Organizers

Old cardboard boxes make great organizers, especially since you can customize them to your needs. It’s hard to find organizers that are the size and shape you want, sometimes it’s easiest to create your own. Plus it’s economical and better for the environment!

Cardboard boxes are bland on their own, however, with colourful tape and markers you can create your own designs and labels. Some ideas for organizer types are drawer, magazine and cupboard organizers.

2. Gardening

Believe it or not, cardboard helps with weed control. Essentially, the cardboard will prevent the weeds from growing above the dirt and insulate the ground which kills weed seeds. The cardboard you use cannot be heavily inked or covered in wax.

Simply place the cardboard over the areas known to be prone to weeds and spray with water. Once the cardboard is damp, cover it with a layer of mulch. Because cardboard is biodegradable, you can leave it there forever and it will naturally disintegrate.

Be mindful of the fact that cardboard cannot be placed everywhere because it’ll prevent growth of the plants you want in your garden. Pick and choose where you place the cardboard wisely!

A piece of cardboard can also be used as a knee pad while you garden, or complete other chores where you’ll be kneeling a lot. Use multiple layers of cardboard if needed, secure the layers with tape.

3. Floor Protectors

Instead of buying floor protectors for your furniture, you can make your own using cardboard. Measure the dimensions of chair legs, sofa legs or any other furniture which could scuff your floors and cut the pieces out of the cardboard. Then place underneath the furniture.

In addition, if you have a chair or table that wobbles due to uneven legs, you can use cardboard to prop up the uneven leg thereby getting rid of the wobble.

4. Halloween Costume

If you have excess pieces of cardboard that are very large in size, save them for Halloween! Some creative ideas for a costume are a car, lego bricks, dice and rubix cube, all can be made entirely from cardboard.

5. Cat Bed

As most know from cute cat videos, cats love cardboard boxes for playing and sleeping in. You can customize old cardboard boxes for your pets by cutting holes for entry and exit. Alternatively, you could just leave it as it, your cat will still love it!

It’s possible to create a scratching pad for your cat as well. Start a coil with a small cylinder piece of cardboard that is about three inches in length and no more than an inch in diameter. Coil cardboard around the small cylinder with glue until it’s big enough for your cat to sit on and scratch.

6. Postcards

You can get quite creative with cardboard cards, plus they’re very personalized! All you need to do is cut out a piece of cardboard that is roughly the size of a postcard. To add some colour and creativity, you can use tape and markers.

If you will be mailing out your postcard creations, there is no need to put them in an envelope. Merely write the sending address on the postcard and, as long as it’s stamped, it’s ready to mail.