6 Most Unique Things to 3D Print for Everyday Use

As technology has progressed to a level that has undoubtedly made our lives more efficient, it has also allowed us to create in unexpected ways. Look no further than the rise of 3D printing.

The practicality of 3D printing has allowed us to create a plethora of items, usually at a do-it-yourself pace. In other situations, it has allowed for some truly marvelous creations to come to fruition. For everyday life uses, there are many things to 3D print that might inspire your inner designer’s imagination.

Below are six most unique things to 3D print:

1. Refrigerator Box

Many contemporary models of refrigerators come with ample amounts of space. Along with this, many storage boxes inside provide enough space to house all of your food sources. What happens, however, when you want to store more but have a lack of containers available?

3D printing allows you to make miniature storage boxes for your fridge to easily house smaller food items such as berries. The best part? Models can produce designs that come with a slider, meaning that they can slotted into unused space within the fridge. This allows for an overall neater organization, while solving the issue of having no free containers.

2. Shoe Support System

Opening up your closet to find it in a chaotic state of clutter is all too common. Sometimes, we don’t have the time to find space for all of our articles of clothing. 3D printing, however, allows us to mitigate this issue in convenient ways, first by starting with your shoes.

Instead of keeping them in an unorganized mess on the floor, a shoe support system consisting of wall-attachable wedges can be produced. Simply wedge your shoes into the openings provided by the wedges and you can keep all of your pairs organized in a vertical fashion.

This prevents dirty shoes from potentially coming into contact with cleaner ones if put in close proximity with one another. You can thank 3D printing for keeping your kicks as clean and as organized as possible!

3. USB Cable Holder

Many of us still haven’t made the jump to keeping our data and computer files stored on cloud systems. If you are in the group that still uses USB cables for your devices to transfer your files, you are aware that many of them together in one space at a time can be quite disorderly.

Thankfully, 3D printing easily resolves that issue through the creation of an organizer for all of your USB cables or secondary cables. Holders can be produced that contain small spaces that firmly snap your cables into place. This eliminates the potential for tangling and keeps them all in an organized space.

4. Writing Utensil Organizer

Whether you’re at the office or working from home, you’re bound to lose at least one pen or one pencil. It’s happened to the best of us.

If you’re looking for a simple, yet creative way, to hold all of your writing utensils in one unique place, 3D printing has a myriad of solutions available. A simple organizer containing multiple holes can comfortably house every pen, pencil, highlighter, or marker you have in your work space.

Better yet, some 3D printers have designs that can be produced in the shape of various objects. You are limited here only by your artistic imagination!

5. Smartphone Sound Amplifier

Looking for a fantastic, yet cost-effective, means to enhance the audio levels of your favourite playlists? Using 3D printing, a sound amplifier can effortlessly be produced.

In virtually as much time as it would take to set up a new set of desktop speakers, users can 3D print an object that would first vertically hold your smartphone. From here, you can naturally boost the volume coming out through a couple of outstretched speaker arms.

With this neat idea, you’ll have something pretty cool to discuss with your future house party guests!

6. Door Holder

If you’re someone who has an issue with a door staying open, 3D printing has come to your rescue. With a simple two-piece holder design, the door in question can now return to one of its original purposes without fail.

Most 3D printers can create one open-wedged object attached to an adjacent wall, while an actual wedge can be attached to your door. If you need to keep it open, simply connect the two pieces and voilĂ . The frustrating need to find miscellaneous objects to keep the door propped open will be eliminated.

3D printing has brought a surplus of practicality to the activities we engage in for everyday life. It has also inspired artists and curators in producing simple, yet unique creations limited only by their imagination. If you are looking to get resourceful, research available models for what you have in mind and you’re already well on your way to making your life more efficient.