6 Reasons You Should Make Your Business Printer Wireless

Nowadays, you can do business on the go with your tablet, smartphone and other mobile devices.  This goes for printing as well. Today, wireless printers have become the preferred choice for office and home printing. They’re convenient as they don’t need wires and cables to communicate with the network. This means you don’t even have to be in the office to print your documents as you can do it from your mobile device from wherever you are. While we have wireless printer advantages and disadvantages, today we’ll focus on the advantages.

  1. Networking
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Normally, networking a printer involves running wires and cables back and forth between your computers and the printer. The more devices you have networked to the printer, the more cables you will need. With a wireless printer, you don’t have to deal with this tangled mess. You get to connect all your devices through Wi-Fi. This cuts down of potential tripping hazards and keeps your workplace more organized.

  1. Mobility
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With a traditional wired printer, you need to be close enough to the network cables to access the printer from your mobile device. On the other hand, a wireless printer allows you to work on our documents in the comfort of your home as you catch up on the latest episode of your favorite TV show. Everyone connected to the printer can use it simultaneously from wherever they are.

  1. Internet Printing
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With the advent of cloud storage and other online document sharing solutions, you can easily share documents with team members. These documents can be printed out without necessarily having to download them. A wireless printer will let you print out your documents with the simple press of a button even from your car. You will find the document waiting for you when you get to the office.

  1. Multi-function
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Most wireless business printers come with multiple functions such as fax machine, copying and scanning. Since the printer uses Wi-Fi, every document that you fax, scan or copy can be sent to your laptop, tablet or smartphone. You also have the option of sending documents to be saved, faxed, copied or printed from all your mobile devices. This makes working with a wireless printer less stressful and cost-effective.

  1. Easy Administration
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You won’t need a computer to manage print jobs when you’re using a wireless printer since it will manage jobs directly. For this reason, the printing process is faster and you won’t need to have a computer on during the printing process. Another advantage of using a wireless printer is that the network administrator won’t have to worry about changing network print settings when they change computer names.

  1. Save on Space
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Wireless printers provide quick access and don’t require much interaction. For this reason, they can be hidden away to free up space especially where you have a small office. You’ll also have less wiring and fewer network equipment reducing clutter and congestion. Generally, you will have a more spacious and better-looking office if you use a wireless printer.