6 Tips To Drastically Improve Your Company’s Hiring Process

Hiring good talent can be a tough job for many but for your company’s professional talent recruitment team, it can be managed pretty easily. However, contrary to popular beliefs, hiring for job open positions is not just about reviewing resumes and interviewing candidates. There is a science behind it and we’ll help you crack it.

Here are 6 ways by which you can improve your company’s hiring process drastically:

1. Start With Killer Job Description

Start With Killer Job Description

Don’t take it literally, like seriously! A better job description can filter out uninterested parties from the very start. A lot of companies fail to get their job description correct at the time of placing ads. As a result of which, confused candidates also apply for the roles they are not fit for and kill your company’s precious time.

Just putting down the responsibilities won’t it for a good job description. It should be to the point, less rubbish and talk about how much is expected from the individual.

2. Candidate Sourcing Process Should Be Improvised

Candidate Sourcing Process Should Be Improvised

Conventional candidate sourcing methods are all good and fine as long as you don’t want anyone extraordinary in your company. All mass recruiters who just want software engineers to do service related work are the ones where conventional hiring make more sense.

However, if yours is a startup looking to hire the best talents around you, you need to think better. Attending events, analyzing online professional profiles, behavioral tests for determining the predictive index, and getting referrals enable you to harness the best talent in your industry.

3. Candidate Evaluation Process Should Be Streamlined

Candidate Evaluation Process Should Be Streamlined

In order to make sure that the one you’re hiring is the right choice, the prospect should be tested with real work scenario. Don’t put them on the client interface for the start but you can devise a dummy project or assignment by which you can analyze the candidate’s problem-solving capabilities.

A proper training of hiring team is required to streamline the recruitment process.  All of them should be aware of the new methodology and work alongside efficiently.

4. Your Company’s Reviews Should Be Good Enough To Attract Good Minds

Your Company's Reviews Should Be Good Enough To Attract Good Minds

Sometimes, a bottom to top approach should be taken to find out the root cause of any given problem. It is extremely evident that talented minds always search for a good place to work at. If your company’s reputation online is in bad condition, then the possibility of a talented prospect applying to it is very less. According to Glassdoor, 46% of users read company’s reviews before applying.

Make sure to have a good PR team if your reviews are below average online. An improvement in your work ethics will do as well.

5. Communication With The Candidate Should be Regularly Monitored

Candidate engagement has the potential to settle a great deal for you if you are in the HR department. Each and every candidate should be followed through comprehensively. It is important to keep in touch with those candidates too who wouldn’t make in your hiring list but can be useful in future.

6. Improving The Bookkeeping of References Can Improve The Hiring Process Dynamically

Improving The Bookkeeping of References Can Improve The Hiring Process Dynamically

References should be given priority over campus selection. References from your employees, business associates, and friends can save your company’s time and efforts in order to find a trustable candidate. Also, references should always be cross-checked and they shouldn’t be taken by the face value of the candidate’s profile. Background checks should be done thoroughly and an improvised system should be installed in the administration by which these background checks can be streamlined.

By adopting these 6 tips, you will definitely witness a more efficient system of hiring process taking place in your company.