8 Famous Hot Sauce Packaging That Are Memorable

For some people, hot sauce is addictive, and they want to put it on everything they eat. Others love to cook different spicy meals with hot sauce, or to sprinkle it on some dishes to simply add another layer of flavour to them.

Whether you enjoy hot sauce everyday or occasionally, or you’re thinking about bottling and selling your own secret recipe, you can’t deny that the right packaging design can make a brand of hot sauce unique, or memorable. If you think of Tabasco sauce, for example, you should instantly have a clear idea of what a bottle of that popular sauce looks like in your mind.

As we all know, food packaging is an important part of attracting attention in a crowded retail market. Here are eight famous hot sauce packaging that stands out from the rest of their spicy competitors:

1. Tabasco Hot Sauce

Tabasco sauce has been around for a very long time. It is considered one of the famous hot sauce packaging that really stands out from its competition. Tabasco was initially bottled and sold in unused cologne bottles from a glass supplier, and the style of the bottles, as well as their design, hasn’t changed much since then.

A white, diamond shaped label appears on the clear sauce bottle, and the words McIlhenny Co Tabasco Brand Pepper Sauce can be read inside it, in green and red letters. The cap of the bottle is red, and there is a green wrapper around its neck.


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2. Huy Fong Foods Sriracha Hot Sauce

Sriracha sauce manufactured by Huy Fong Foods is another popular hot sauce most people can recognize instantly whenever they see this familiar red bottle. It was first created in 1980.

Sriracha sauce is often called Rooster sauce, and this is because of the rooster logo that can be seen on these clear plastic bottles.

The white text on the packaging is written in Vietnamese, in Chinese, in English and in Spanish, and the green cap makes it easier to sprinkle the sauce on anything.


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3. Frank’s RedHot Hot Sauce

Frank’s RedHot sauce was first introduced in 1920. This hot sauce is known for being the main ingredient in many Buffalo wing recipes, but it also stands out easily thanks to the unique curved shape of its bottle.

The label shows the Frank’s RedHot logo in red letters, and small red peppers in front of a yellow border. As it’s often the case with hot sauces, the colours of the label’s background vary depending on the flavour inside the bottle.

4. Texas Pete Hot Sauce

Even though the Texas Pete hot sauce was not created in Texas, its packaging features a red cowboy silhouette with a lasso.

The label is white and yellow, with a red Texas Pete logo in curvy fonts, the words Hot Sauce in red, and three red peppers.

Peppers appear on many bottles of red sauce, and the colour red does as well. This colour is known to catch our attention and to stimulate our appetite, and when it’s combined with yellow or orange, it easily represents the heat and spicyness of the sauce inside the bottle.


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5. Cholula Hot Sauce

Speaking of yellow, the label of a bottle of Cholula hot sauce features a golden yellow background, and an illustration that shows a Mexican woman. It also shows the red Cholula logo, and the mention that this sauce was imported from Mexico.

The bottle is closed by an iconic, round wooden cap that can be plain, dark brown, or green, depending on the flavour of the sauce. This wooden cap easily distinguishes the Cholula sauce from other hot sauces.


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6. Crystal Hot Sauce

Louisiana’s Pure Crystal Hot Sauce, like most hot sauces, is packaged in a clear glass bottle that allows us to see the colour of the product inside. It has a white label that shows three red peppers, and the Crystal logo in white cursive letters over a dark blue ribbon.

Blue is an unusual colour for a bottle of hot sauce, since there is nothing hot or spicy about it. However, blue is known to convey honesty, trust and reliability, and this might be the intended effect with the Crystal ribbon.

7. Ninja Squirrel Hot Sauce

Ninja Squirrel is a sriracha-style hot sauce that might not be as famous as the other sauces on this list, but once you see its packaging, you just can’t forget it.

The label of the bottle is a bright yellow, and it features the brand’s mascot, which is a squirrel in a black ninja suit holding two red peppers above his head as if they were swords. The use of a mascot can make a product more endearing.


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8. No. 7 Mexican Hot Sauce

Finally, No. 7 Mexican Hot Sauce is a sauce made in Toronto. The label of the bottle is black, with the No. 7 logo in a colour that varies depending on the flavour of the sauce.

The wrapping around the neck of the bottle is black as well, and black on a packaging communicates elegance, power and authority, which can make a product stand out on a shelf.


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