8 Interesting Trivia Facts About Electric Bikes

Electric bikes are quickly gaining popularity, but there are certainly a few things you don’t know about them, even if you own one yourself. Go ahead and read these 8 interesting facts about electric bikes and the people who ride them.

1. Electric bikes are almost as fast as cars

Most electric bikes have a maximum speed of 32 km/h. In cities, towns and villages, the maximum speed limit for cars is 50 km/h. This means that if you are riding an electric bike around your city, you can ride almost as fast as a car.

2. Electric bikes are a lot cheaper to maintain than cars

If you own a car, you know how expensive it is to maintain it each year. You also know how the price of gas keeps rising. In comparison, electric bikes almost cost nothing to maintain, and fully charging a battery will cost about half a dollar each time.

3. Not all electric bikes have a throttle

Did you know that some models of electric bikes don’t have a throttle? Most of them do, but some of them don’t. For those models, sensors will determine when the rider needs some assistance, which will start the electric motor.

4. Most electric bikes can be recharged anywhere

You don’t need an electric bike charging station to recharge the battery of an electric bike. Most models can be plugged into any outlet, and some even have removable batteries, which are even more convenient to charge.

5. Charging the battery of an electric bike only takes a few hours

Sure, charging the battery of an electric bike takes more time than putting gas in the tank of a car. But it doesn’t take that long, as most electric bike batteries can be fully charged in between 2 and 5 hours, depending on their size.

6. Many people buy an electric bike because they want to save money

Many people buy an electric bike because they want to save some money. They are appalled at the price of gas, and they are looking for a more affordable way to commute to work each day. Electric bikes are a great solution for many of these people.

7. Many people buy an electric bike because they need assistance

Other people buy electric bikes because they love riding a bike, but they feel like they could use some assistance in some situations. People who have lost strength in their legs because of age or because of an illness often turn to electric bikes to keep enjoying riding their bike.

8. Not everyone can ride an electric bike

In Ontario, you need to be at least 16 years old to have the right to ride an electric bike. Age limits can vary depending on which Canadian province you are in, so be sure you can legally ride an electric bike before you start shopping for one.