8 Signs You Have Hired The Wrong Movers

Have you ever hired movers, only to realize that they were not doing that much of a great job? Fortunately, if you pay attention to these 8 signs, you should be able to tell ahead of time that you have hired the wrong movers, and that you should look for a better moving company.

1. They gave you an estimate over the phone

Beware of movers who simply give you an estimate over the phone. To be able to give you an accurate estimate, they should first visit your home and take a look at your belongings. If they don’t, you will probably end up paying a lot more than what they quoted you.

2. The person you spoke with on the phone wasn’t courteous

If the person you spoke with on the phone sounded rude, or simply unprofessional, there is a good chance that the movers who will show up at your door on moving day will have the same attitude. Search for a more friendly and professional moving company.

3. Their prices seem too good to be true

If you have chosen a moving company that seems a lot cheaper than the competition, you should take a moment to wonder how that could be possible. Maybe they have no experience at all, or maybe they will make a lot of hidden fees appear on moving day.

4. They insist you should pay them with cash

If your movers insist that you should pay them with cash, you should consider hiring someone else. Paying with cash doesn’t offer you the same protection as paying with a check or with your credit card. If something goes wrong during moving day, you will need some protection.

5. They didn’t make you sign a contract ahead of time

You should always do business with a moving company that will prepare a contract and make you sign it before moving day. Everything you have agreed upon should be put in writing, to avoid any unpleasant surprise.

6. They have only one moving truck

You might not want to hire movers who have only one moving truck. You should be able to choose a size of truck that will guarantee your belongings will be packed properly, and that they will reach their destination in perfect condition.

7. They don’t have a moving license

If the moving company you have hired doesn’t have a moving license, you didn’t make the right choice. Hiring a licensed company ensures you that they take their job seriously, and that they will have the proper insurance converage to allow you to keep your peace of mind.

8. This will be their very first move

You want experienced movers to handle your possessions. If the movers you have spoken with tell you this will be their very first move, you might have second thoughts about hiring them. You should not let people who don’t know what they are doing handle your furniture and your packed boxes.