8 Tips and Tricks to Clean Your Office

Did you know that a properly cleaned office could increase work productivity by no less than 5%? While this sounds like good news, the problem is that most people dread spring cleaning. You have an option, however, of hiring a cleaning company to spring clean your office.

When you hire an office cleaning company, you need to receive value for your money in return. The office cleaning company you hire should, therefore, be in a position to provide you with high-quality services that meet the industry standards. You will need a spring cleaning company that takes their work seriously by ensuring that every part of your office is thoroughly cleaned. Below are a few tricks and tips for cleaning your office.

1. Let the Professionals Do It

Whether you enjoy cleaning or not, hiring a professional cleaner for a deep clean is a good idea. If you go down this route, make sure that the professional you hire is reputable. Your family and friends, or other business owners in your building, may be able to provide a recommendation.

2. Schedule Your Cleaning

After having your workspace thoroughly cleaned and organized, you need to keep it that way. Consider taking a few minutes daily to clean up your desk and make sure that everything is tidy. Better still, slot your cleaning time into your calendar and stick to it. It’s less exerting to spend five minutes every day than to have to set aside huge blocks of time to clean up.

Staying organized requires discipline and determination. To keep your workstation clean at all times, don’t let any papers pile up on your desk. Sort them out and file them neatly in an organized way and always strive to leave your workstation clean every day before you leave your office. Keeping everything where it should be will serve you well when it comes to retrieving them.

3. Clean in Sections

Attempting to clean everything all at once can be daunting. Clean bits of your office at a time and you will have progressively cleaned up your entire office by the time the day is over.

4. Keep Your Papers Sorted

Sort out that ever-piling stack of papers. There is nothing as frustrating as looking for information hidden in a pile of papers. Continous sorting of your paperwork and proper filing at the same will end up enhancing your efficiency.

5. Clean Your Digital Desk, Too

Businessman working in a creative eco-friendly office made from cardboard he is using a laptop and a smartphone top view

You may have a spotless working desk that is highly organized. However, your computer desktop needs to be cleaned as well. Organize your files into easily recognizable folders instead of cramming up your desktop with all manner of files.

6. Get Your Inbox Organized

Just as your physical intray should be organized, your email inbox should be organized as well. Trash all spam emails and then organize your important emails into clearly labelled folders that you can access easily.

7. Toss Away Irrelevant Items

Not every document you receive deserves your time. Toss away whatever is not adding value to you. Nothing clutters your workplace faster than keeping everything you receive. Some people even keep coupons and flyers that they never intend to use. To simplify your workspace, if you are not sure whether you need it, throw it away.

8. Clean Every Surface

Use a cloth dipped in a disinfectant to wipe clean all the hard surfaces in your office. These include chairs, desks, shelves, and tables. Wipe clean your electronics with a dry cloth as well. Clean your keyboard, phone, and the mouse since these are germ-intensive zones. Your aim should be to have a germ-free environment. Other electronics that should be thoroughly wiped clean and disinfected include your computer screens, printers, and any other electronic equipment.