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Funny sports mascots have been used since the beginning of the twentieth century to get people invested in the game in front of them. Among the first sports to bring mascots into play were baseball’s Chicago Cubs who took a taxidermy bear onto the field with them.

We’ve unquestionably come very far from that. Today’s costumed mascots are fun, hilarious, morale-boosting, (mostly) family-friendly, and a combination of classic sports iconography with the new school. We wanted to share some of the funniest sports mascots in history.

Here is a list of funny sports mascots and their hilarious background origins:

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A good roof shape not only protects you and your new building from outside elements, but it also defines the entire look and style of your property. When building a new house, choosing the ideal roof can be difficult.

However, with adequate knowledge about the different types of roof shapes in the market, it is not difficult to get one that’s just right for your new build. You need a roof that can withstand the punishing effects of the elements and other exterior threats.

Below are 13 roof shape types that you can consider during a new build:

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You always hear people say reduce, reuse or recycle. You know what it is and how it helps our world. Recycling is a simple process of converting waste materials into items that are usable.

Recycling contributes to numerous societal benefits and can help to protect the environment. Small efforts of recycling can prevent waste accumulating in the oceans and on earth. By recycling, we are saving landfill space, saving energy and controlling pollution.

When you participate in recycling efforts, it inspires you. You will feel happy that you are making the world a better place.  Always think about the item before you throw it in the waste bin. Recycling is an important way towards protecting the environment and keeping communities healthy. Try to find a way to reuse the item or recycle it if possible.  Avoid buying disposable items.

Here are some meaningful fun facts about recycling:

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If you’re a business owner, you’ll want to do all you can to get the word out about your company. This is the key to making the most sales and allowing you to secure new customers. It’s ideal to work with a public relations (PR) company to achieve this goal. Doing this can enable you to have more control over the results you will get and an increased amount of success.

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Packaging is to a product what clothes are to humans. It gives a product a sense of identity, dignity and style. The ultimate goal of a product is to end up in a shopper’s trolley on its way to the till.

How you package your product for effective display in a store is critical to attracting buyers. Whether the purchase is planned or impulse, customers should find it easy to locate and buy any product they want. The following are seven best product packaging ideas for POP displays:

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Whether you are moving across the country or just across your town, you may be considering hiring movers to pack and transport your belongings. With all of the horror stories online nowadays about broken and missing items caused by moving companies, you will want to choose the right moving team for your move. Here are four tips that will help you pick the right company:

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Do you still rely on brochures? As all of your competitors turn to email marketing campaigns, search engine optimisation (SEO), and social media, you’re still relying on the tried, tested, and true method of brochures.

One of the best ways to market a small business is with brochures. Compared to flyers and newsletters, brochures offer businesses greater flexibility in terms of layout, design, colour, shape, type of paper and style. People might not pay much attention to half page leaflets, but a well-designed brochure idea can definitely catch your reader’s attention – the more eyeballs the better.

That is why small businesses can take advantage of this marketing tool to promote their brand or service. Besides, if everyone is using digital tactics, some clients will appreciate the marketing method of yesteryear, with a 21st– century touch.

Here are eight brochure ideas for small businesses:

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If you’re not prepared, it can be tough trying to get a parking spot at an airport.

Whether you are looking to park your car for a few days or a couple of weeks, you will soon realize how difficult this task can be. At the extreme, you might even miss your flight as you wrestle with other drivers for the few available parking slots.

In the process, you are likely to make mistakes and end up in the wrong parking spot or have to pay more for a parking spot than you should. To have a stress-free airport parking experience, below are a few mistakes to avoid.

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Marketing is an essential part of every industry. Almost all companies hire a trained team of marketing personnel to manage their brand awareness and public reach. Within the field itself there are a variety of positions that a marketing degree qualifies graduates for including: a public relations manager, analyst, promotions director, graphic designer and copywriter.

Given the number of possibilities available within the field, students enrolled in marketing courses should continue reading below where the most sought-after positions are outlined in greater detail.

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