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Psychology of colors has become an important part of the interior design in the last few decades. It focuses on how colors affect our emotions. When holding a color palette in your hands, make sure that the impression of the shade you choose leaves on the people who are in that area. This is certainly the reason why we will deal with the best colors for your lofts in this list, taking into account that this is mostly a very small space and that there is not much room for experiments.

Colours have always served to represent traditional, cultural, religious or emotional symbolism. Sometimes, without a single word, with only one color, you can describe an event, emotion, or mood. Do not forget that the meaning of colors can be culturally different – for example, although the black is the color of death in many countries, in China, white color is associated with death.

This does not mean that you should not take care of colors in your home, as they may imply different things to different people. Of course, never choose colours that you don’t like, simply because someone said they have a great meaning. Try to combine both; colours that you like and those that can affect your life positively and you will see the changes in your mood. So, let’s start!

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