Top 4 Reasons Why Employers Hire Employment Lawyers

Several employment laws surround the employer-employee relationship, explaining several legal restrictions and requirements. The law also protects employers and outlines their obligations. The employment law also outlines obligations on employers on matters such as harassment, wages, notice to firing employees, and hours of work. An employment lawyer is an essential resource for employers because they advise. The legal expert can also help to deal with workplace legal issues. You may be able to learn more information at Levitt LLP. It’s best to hire an employment attorney under the following situations.

1. Being Served with Legal Papers

Employers sometimes find themselves on the wrong end of summons or complaints to receive an official notice of the proceeding. When the notice is delivered to your company, you must know how to handle the documents. It’s wise to talk to your employment lawyer if the matter applies to employee or employment issues. Do not be tempted to handle the situation without the help of an employment law expert. Call your attorney right away before responding or talking with your employee to resolve the issue so that you don’t make costly mistakes.

2. When Laying People Off

Layoffs might sound straightforward, but you should be careful to avoid non-compliance with employment laws. Employment laws for each state dictate when you can lay off employees and the right procedure. An employment attorney will guide you on the right procedures and terms to comply with when laying off your employees. For instance, if you give your employees severance pay, they may need to sign a general release of claims to receive the severance. Your employee, through this document, gives up their right to sue the company or agrees to a non-compete in exchange for the severance amount. An employment attorney can advise and foresee the signing of such documents when laying off your employees.

3. Setting Up Employment Policies

Your business needs an employment lawyer to help you formulate employment policies. Ideally, it should happen before hiring your regular employees. The employment law expert will help draft employment contracts and advise you on the policies and practices required for your business type. An employment attorney can also help you to create an employee handbook. It outlines important information that employees should know and the employer’s policies. It would be wise to periodically hire an employment attorney to review and advise on any employment law changes.

4. Firing an Employee

It’s imperative to seek advice from an employment law expert before firing an employee for violating the company’s policies. The expert will guide you on the legal basis of firing employees so that you don’t get into legal issues. Also, you need to fire your employee the right way based on employment laws in your state. You need to consider the situation and the possible legal violations before firing an employee, so talking to an employment attorney could help.