Top 5 Real Estate Investment Tips For 2018

Looking to invest in real estate?

Just like with any other type of investment you need to educate yourself and learn the strategies that make seasoned pros successful. Doing this will save you tons of time and heartache. Below are some real estate investment tips for beginners that will come in handy.

  1. Tax Strategies
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Every single dollar you save in taxes translates into one more dollar you have to invest. If you can save a few bucks on taxes every time, then you might as well do it. This is one strategy savvy investors master. There are a ton of ways to save on taxes including depreciation, real estate write-offs, or becoming an agent in order to take advantage of unlimited passive losses. You could also invest through qualified plans such as ESAs, HSAs, and IRA accounts.

Talk to your accountant or a tax professional about all the loopholes you can legally take advantage of to save on taxes. Be proactive about this and do it regularly since tax laws change from time to time. This way, you will avoid getting caught up in case one of the strategies you’re using becomes illegal.

  1. Focus and Discipline
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You should treat real estate investing just like any other business. Being focused and disciplined will go a long way towards making you a successful real estate investor. Focus on building on soft skills such as sales, time management, negotiations, reading and public speaking.

  1. Plan
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You can make more money in real estate by just being more strategic. For example, you should make a point of planning for your exit even before you invest in a property. Do you plan on keeping the property for future rental income? Do you plan to sell it off? If you’re planning to sell, to whom will you sell to?

If you’re planning on creating wealth, plan on building as much passive income as possible.

  1. Use Leverage
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You can leverage relationships, time, and other resources you have at your disposal to make money in real estate. For example, you can use your connections to get a deal that might not be available to the general public.  You could also use your equity better by eliminating bad debt or incorporating more arbitrage.

  1. Other People’s Money (OTP)
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The biggest obstacle to real estate investment is not having money to take advantage of great deals as they arise. If you had a steady supply of cash at your disposal every single time, you could easily make a fortune. Examples of ways to use OTP in real estate investing include owner financing, land contract, subject to, equity partners, private money, bartering, real estate commission, create paper, and lease or option contracts.

  1. Let Your Assets Pay for Your Liabilities
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This is a great strategy for any real estate investor looking to build a fortune. You should set up your investments in such a way that they pay for your luxuries. For example, you can use rental income from one of your properties to pay for a nice car or a vacation home.

Implement the above tips to improve your chances of success in real estate investment and make sure to check out Toronto condos for amazing deals.