10 Essential Pest Control Tips for Your Home

There is nothing more embarrassing than having people over to your home and they spot a spider, cockroach or even a mouse in your home. To make it easy for you to keep pests out of your home this summer we have put together 10 tips for keeping all bugs and critters outside of your home and away from guests.

1. Create a barrier to their entry

This may sound obvious, but when the weather gets hot, the first thing that many of us do is to open a window. You should install screens in windows and doors if you don’t have them already and if you do, make sure that you regularly check them for holes.

2. Keep a clean kitchen

By doing all that you can to keep your kitchen counters clean and organized you will make it a less attractive place for ants and other bugs to move into. Any crumbs that are on the counter surfaces will cause bugs to gravitate to that area. Also, smells can attract pests so make sure that you take out the kitchen trash regularly.

3. There should be no standing water in your home

Standing water is a haven for mosquitoes, making sure that there is none in or around the entrances to your home is the first place to start. You should regularly walk around your property to make sure that there is no water pooled anywhere. This can be easy to miss so stay vigilant.

4. Keep a tidy yard

This will help to prevent any pest building nests where you can’t see them. Overgrown bushes and debris can be very attractive homes for many pests and you should do all that you can to discourage them from setting up shop near your home.

5. Don’t leave fruit and veg out on the counter

You should not let fruits and vegetables get overripe on the kitchen counters. This is an open invitation for fruit flies. They are very difficult to get rid of once that have made your kitchen their home so prevention is much better than the cure.

6. Keep firewood well away from your home

Having a stack of firewood next to your shed or home is asking for termites and other pests to attack your home. You should keep any firewood well away from your home at all times.

7. Only put food waste outside right before pick up

Rotting meat in the hot weather can attract all sorts of bugs, pests and even larger animals. Once they get to know that they can get a tasty snack outside your home you can bet that they will be back for more in no time.

8. Take a look at your outdoor furniture

The nooks and crannies in outdoor furniture and swing sets are perfect places for spider webs and egg sacks. If you see any make sure that you remove them as quickly as possible.

9. Clean everything before you bring it inside

If you’re bringing anything that is usually kept outside into your home make sure that you properly clean it as there could be a small bug hitching a ride into your home. A quick wipe down should do the trick. Also, a quick inspection of your clothing can help too.

10. Get in touch with pest control

By getting in touch with a professional pest control team, you can be confident that you will have done everything that you can to prevent your home from being invaded by pests. They may be able to offer some tips on what you can do based on your home’s location and design. Preventing bugs and pest from entering your home is much easier than getting them to leave.