10 In-Store Marketing Strategies and Ideas

If customers are streaming into your store, give yourself a pat on the back: your marketing campaigns are working. However, marketing does not end at getting potential customers to your store. The reality is that once they are in your store, they are still prospects until they make it to the till. And even then, a good in-store marketing strategy seeks to maximize sales volume per customer.

In other words, you want to ensure that every customer leaves your store with as many items as possible, perhaps even more than they had anticipated buying. This is where in-store marketing kicks in, and there are ideas that can help you get the most out of every prospect that walks into your store.

Here are ten great in-store marketing strategies and ideas:

1. Effective In-store Marketing Promotions

In-store marketing helps promote different brands in your store. To develop effective in-store promotions, create a good relationship with retail buyers. Establish a promotion idea that will help retailers and use it to attract new customers. Give them support to increase the number of shoppers in your store. Make your in-store displays attractive to get the attention of shoppers. The displays should be simple, colourful and big enough to attract customers.

2. Target New Customers

To attract new customers, display your items where you can get the greatest impact. Be a bit creative and have displays where customers least expect them. The element of surprise will be a pleasant norm-breaker and could rope in a bunch of new customers to your store. Displays that break away from the norm always attract new customers and could drastically improve your sales. For instance, you could place samples of your best-selling products at places with the highest concentration of in-store traffic.

3. Use a Multiple-Price-Point Mantra to Get Customers to Buy More

To get your customers to buy more on every shopping trip, use a multiple-price-point mantra. When your customers see multiple price point products, they are likely to buy more. Additionally, position your multiuse products in strategic places to make sure customers spot them. This entices customers to make impulse purchases. You can hold presentations on the multiple uses of various products to leave no doubt in a customer’s mind that they need them.

4. Give Temporary Price Reductions and Discounts

Every buyer is looking to purchase more items for less. Some will wait until an item price goes down before buying it. To attract such customers, provide regular attractive discounts. Encourage your target customers to buy your products by offering discounts that get their attention. Moreover, offer to temporary reduce the prices of your products. The discounts and temporary price reductions do not have to be big, but they are highly attractive to buyers. Consequently, sales of your product will increase as you attract more buyers into your store.

For instance, in a clothing store, you can offer discounts and reduced prices when a season changes. This helps you to sell all of last season’s items and frees up space in your store. It also leaves you with enough room for new items.

5. Create Loyalty Marketing Programs

Loyalty programs are essential in-store marketing ideas. They aim at appreciating and rewarding loyal clients. Identify your loyal customers and provide them with a personalized promotion package. This makes them feel special and valued. For instance, you can give your loyal customers a 15% discount on certain products.

6. Avail Locally-Made Products

Some customers prefer to support local products and brands. Customers who like to buy locally-made products are loyal. Availing locally-made products alongside other products from other countries is a huge draw to customers. Moreover, it makes sense to sell products that are produced within your region. This promotional idea is bound to make your store stand out.

7. Regularly Change Item Locations

Change the location of favourite items regularly. Shoppers who are determined to purchase them will look for them. For instance, you can choose to change the product’s position every month. While searching for them around your store, they will notice other products on your display shelves as well.

8. Place Popular Items at Strategic Locations

Place products that are appealing to kids where they can be seen easily. The kids will most likely draw the attention of their parents to where the items are; they can be adamant when they find an item they like. To lure adults into making more purchases before checking out, place impulse products at eye level, near the counter.

9. Offer Free Samples

Offer free samples of new products in your store. These are products your customers have not used before. For customers to notice the free samples, place them in attractive displays near the relevant products. Free samples are a great way to gauge customer feedback, allowing you to get instant reactions on whether the product is liked or disliked.

10. Use Loss Leaders

Loss leaders are items retailers sell at cost or less to attract customers. For instance, if the price of bread spikes, sell it at a slight loss or at cost to get customers to buy more. To effectively achieve this in-store promotion idea, use staple foods such as eggs, milk and bread.

Appropriate use of these in-store marketing ideas will no doubt help you maximize the value of every customer who walks into your store. Consequently, your sales will rise, and so will the profitability of your store.