11 Best Ideas for Front Door Colors

Colors a wonderful front door eye-catcher. Looking to give your front door something extra to really have it stand out in the neighborhood – give it some color. You can make your front door entrance look bold and beautiful or gentle and subdued. There’s no shortage of home styles to pull from. Here are just eleven of the best ideas for front door colors:

1. Dark colors

A dark door can work extremely well with a red brick exterior or something similar. A door darkly colored will sink in, seemingly disappearing from view. The focus will be on the beautiful exterior rather than the door itself. If you have an exquisitely designed exterior home design to feature, you won’t want your door to distract from it. This approach is exactly where you want to take things.

2. Better red colors

A dark, deep, lipstick-esque red can be romantic and sexy but also very home-y when it’s surrounded with the right light and color. A red front door’s one of the more vibrant choices. This isn’t a color meant for someone shy. A stucco or brick front works wonderfully with a deep red front door like this.

3. Blue-based colors

Blue-based doors are used sparingly in home design and front door work however you do see them on occasion. Selecting a front door color, not many homeowners will come up with a blue so in this regard it may be one way to have your property stand out. If you’re tired of the dark greens, taupes, and blacks, playing with the idea of using a blue might be a nice way to accomplish a completely new, rejuvenated look for your home.

4. Lime and turquoise colors

Lime and turquoise aren’t typical front door colors which is why we love them so. Done right, presented nestled among darker wood-grain colors, you can really bring out a front door as attention-grabbing. For non-traditional, modern, contemporary homes, this is one approach which shouldn’t be discarded without thought.

5. Brown

Brown is a rich color, very closely associated with wood. A little bit of brown also creates a front door effect of a fading behind which can allow a homeowner to add decorative details like flowers, a wreath, or something similar. For historic homes, a brown front door goes a long way although you may want to play with the shade ensuring it suits the wood nearby.

6. Teal

Teal’s a very diverse color, able to be used indoors and outdoors in almost every room of the average home. Across the front door, teal is pretty peppy and communicates a sense of intelligence. If you’re tired of black or taupe, this can be a nice move away from it. A home packed on its outsides with beige, teal is an excellent complementary color.

7. Leaded glass

Combine a darker door with leaded glass to make an entrance instantly noticeable. The amazingness of leaded glass means you can do a lot with what type of glass and aesthetic you want to have. For glass to work in this context, you need a simple color on your front door like a black or brown. This will put all the focus on the colors or patterns present in the glass, presenting a unified look for all passersby to enjoy.

8. Classic white

A white door is always going to work well with almost any home. Next to the right front door colors, it can pop well or alternatively if you want a door that sinks into its surroundings, white’s an inoffensive color to pull from. If you’re unsure of what color to choose for a front door and you are sure you don’t want to go bold, white’s a classic choice that’s going to play safe with the neighbours.

9. Black

Black doors can come off looking a little gothic, vampire-esque. Another possible way to use blacks are also in a historic brick home. In this context, a black front door can add a sense of official-ness or stately-ness to your home. It’s well worth considering if this is the type of property you’re working with or alternatively, if you want that old-style gothic look.

10. Sea blues

If you have a cottage or home by the sea, reflecting the color of the water in your home’s exterior’s a nice tribute. A bright sea blue alongside some yellow pastels on your shutters or elsewhere on the home can give your home an all-natural look. When used alongside green vegetation, plants, and trees, and you can really make a blue pop!

11. Salmon-style pink colors

Few will have the boldness to go after a salmon-style pink for their front door but regardless, it’s one option you will occasionally see come up. With salmon-style pink, one must do a lot on their interior or exterior to justify using it. For this reason, it can be work getting a pink like this to settle into a home’s aesthetic. Unless you’re ready to team it with other colors like a complementary blue or you already have a pink-friendly theme going on inside, it’s doubtful a front door will be able to pull off a choice like this.