11 Types of Hard Physical Labor Jobs and Duties

There are people who are happy with working in an office, and others who prefer jobs that don’t require too much physical efforts. But there are also people who don’t mind, or even enjoy hard physical labour jobs

A general labourer job is physically demanding, so it requires you to be fit and have a lot of endurance. As you accumulate more experience on the general labourer job, it can also make you more fit over time.

Here are eleven different types of general labor duties with a heavy physical component:

1. Miner duties

Being a miner is physically demanding, and this hard physical labor job can also be dangerous at times. That’s why mining is often considered as one of the hardest general labor duties. A miner spends a lot of time underground, using heavy machinery, drilling holes into rocks, and moving the ore they are mining so they can place it inside carts to take it back to the surface.

Miners also have to move through small tunnels with low ceilings, which makes their job even more demanding.

2. Lumberjack duties

To work as a lumberjack, you need a lot of physical strength. Lumberjacks spend their work days outside in the sun, the rain, the wind and the snow.

They have to use heavy and noisy machinery to cut down trees, turn the fallen trees into logs, and pile these logs up on a vehicle that will carry them away.

3. Construction worker duties

Being a construction worker also requires you to have a lot of strength and stamina. Construction workers carry heavy things such as wood planks and bricks, and they have to build the structures that will eventually become a house or another building.

The job of a construction worker is demanding, but it gets even worse during long summer days when the temperature is extremely hot.

4. Roofer duties

The sun and the heat can also make the job of a roofer a lot more difficult than it already is. A roofer has to stand on a roof all day, installing shingles, slate, and other roofing materials.

They can also repair damaged roofs, and seal newly built ones. They are always at risk of sliding or falling down the roof, and they have to be extremely careful as they work.

5. Brick mason duties

Brick masons can work with construction workers and roofers. Their duties involve laying and binding bricks, tiles, terra-cotta blocks, and other building materials to build or repair walls, walkways, arches, and other structures. They also have to cut bricks to meet their needs.

Even though laying bricks is a repetitive job, it requires skills and precision to be done right. Being a brick mason can be a hard physical labor job that demands focus from the general labourer.

6. Cement mason duties

A cement mason pours concrete, oversees the arrangement of concrete forms, and smoothes and finishes concrete surfaces. They use tools to build and finish walls, floors, sidewalks, roads, and other cement structures.

They can work on a project with other construction workers. Their duties require them to spend a lot of time crouching and working with their hands to smooth down concrete surfaces, which is physically demanding.

7. Firefighter duties

Firefighters spend a lot of time waiting, but when they have to respond to an emergency call, they need to put on heavy protective equipment and to rush to wherever their services are required.

They have to put out fires and to rescue people who are trapped inside burning buildings. They need to be able to perform under pressure, to lift up heavy weights, and to withstand high temperatures.

8. Mover duties

Working as a mover is not as dangerous as being a firefighter, a roofer or a miner, but it’s still a hard physical job. A mover has to lift heavy boxes and furniture every single day, to take them up and down stairs, and to pack and unpack their moving truck.

They have to help their clients move their belongings without damaging anything, and without slipping, falling, or getting injured.

9. Farmer duties

Being a farmer is another hard physical labour job. When you work on a farm, you have to work the soil, plant crops, care for them, harvest them, and sell them. If you have animals on your farm, you need to feed them, to keep them clean and healthy, and to maintain their living spaces.

It’s difficult for farmers to take some time off, as their crops and their livestock demand their constant attention.

10. Landscaper duties

A landscaper builds and maintains parks and outdoor landscapes. They clean outdoor facilities, choose the right plants for each landscape project, make arrangements with flowers and plants, trim hedges, and use different tools to maintain their creations.

They always work outdoors, and they can be hired to maintain a small garden, or a huge park.

11. Retail salesperson duties

Working in a retail store might seem like an easy job, but depending on what you are selling, it can be physically demanding.

A retail salesperson has to move boxes and take care of inventory, set up displays, deal with customers, and stand on their feet all day. Setting up displays is easy if you are selling small items, but it becomes more difficult if you are selling furniture or heavy appliances.