13 Best Home Staging Ideas and Techniques

Tips, tricks, and home selling strategies to get property sold off quickly and effectively usually are focused on home staging. If you’re hoping to maximize what you sell your home for, staging is certainly a part of what you need to do.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to style or upgrade your home without spending a ton of money to do so. Here are thirteen best home staging ideas and techniques that you should keep in mind:

1. Clean, clean, clean

From top to bottom, you want the house sparkling and shining. Stage your home by shining the floors, get the counters looking good as new, and ensuring every surface looks its best. If this isn’t something you can do on your own, you may hope to hire a professional to get some intense cleaning done.

2. Curb appeal

From the moment a person sees the property, you have an opportunity to wow them. Boost curb appeal by power-washing siding and walkways, ensuring there’s an easy-to-read house number, plant blooming flowers and greenery if/when appropriate, mowing the lawn, washing front windows, and repainting the front porch if necessary. These home staging ideas are all ways to get a home looking fantastic before a potential buyer even walks in.

3. Gender-neutral master bedroom

Your master bedroom is no longer your master bedroom so it’s important that it appeals to all people. A clean bedroom free of personal items and clutter will allow people to see themselves in the home. Clean, crisp linens, tasteful yet neutral artwork, and a blanket folded at the foot of the bed communicates cleanliness without leaning towards any one specific gender or background.

4. Storage locker

Get yourself a storage locker, if you don’t have a place to keep your clutter. Anything which doesn’t serve a purpose to the sale of your home should be moved. Offsite storage is worth the trouble, believe us when we say. Anything unsightly has got to go!

5. Open closets

Prospective buyers will want to peek inside your closets. Show off your closet space by keeping doors open. Even if you planned on your closet space being where you store some clutter – and you can certainly store a little in there – keep the doors open so that everyone can see in. A minimum of 30 percent open space should be available in every closet.

6. Dining room table

The dining table can be a blind spot, when it comes to home staging ideas. A large dining table isn’t very inviting so consider styling it up with some arrangements, a vase, maybe some fruit, and perhaps a little more.

7. No toys

If you have kids, pick up the toys and put them away out of sight. Even with families looking at your home, you want them the buyer to see themselves living in the home – not you and your children. Just because they have kids doesn’t mean it’s appropriate to have toys on the floor. Consider an exquisitely put-together kids’ room or toys’ shelf as an alternative.

8. Welcome signage

At the front entrance, always have an inviting look. Consider a clean ‘welcome home’ doormat or similar signage. Potted plants, some neat small furniture, porch lights on to keep things illuminated, and any sort of way to gently highlight the entranceway helps to increase the likelihood of a positive first impression.

9. Use extra rooms

If you have additional rooms, use it wisely. Odd pieces of furniture or keeping an assortment of junk in a spare room doesn’t work. In staging your home, every room should have a clear and defined purpose. See it from the buyer’s perspective. Could this be an office, guest room, or kids room – if so, arrange one. Inexpensive furnishings, rented furnishings, or borrowed from a friend, you can get a big payoff by turning a ‘junk room’ into something meaningful.

10. Refinish flooring

If you have some added budget to play with, look at refinishing your floors. Strategic placement of a rug can also go a long way in brightening a room up or adding character. If you have carpeting, ensure it’s steam cleaned to give it a clean look, smell, and feel.

11. Pedestal sink

If you’re working with a small bathroom, a huge sunken-in cabinet-style sink may not be preferable. Instead, swap it out for a pedestal sink. These home staging ideas will maximize the available space while creating the look of a bigger bathroom.

12. Lived-in

Even after you’ve removed all the clutter and the home furniture is properly staged, avoid making it feel mechanical. Keep a lived-in vibe going with vases of freshly cut flowers, maybe a basket of produce from a local farmer’s market, or a bowl of fruit near the sink. Add some life to it.

13. Neutral colors

As fun as you think that bright pink is, there’s always going to be someone out there who’s completely turned off by these types of home staging ideas. Stick with less fun-looking colors and go with what’s neutral. Rich neutrals are sophisticated enough to make your home look modern and impressive, without dividing the buyer.