4 Common Features of Automatic Pig Feeders

As a pig farmer, the swine that you keep are your major source of income. Therefore, you want to keep them healthy and part of this is ensuring that they are well-fed. While you probably do your best to maintain a consistent feeding schedule, sometimes other tasks and responsibilities can get in the way, leaving you little to no time to feed your pigs.

As a result, automatic feeders should be considered. Also known as electronic sow feeders (ESFs), automatic pig feeders are able to allot a certain amount of feed to each pig based on their ear tag number once they enter the feeding station. Below are benefits of automatic pig feeders and ways they can lead to more efficient, problem-free processes.

1. Convenient

While feeding your pigs is necessary, it can be a big job and takes up time that you could be putting towards other responsibilities. Also, you may sometimes want to take a much-needed vacation without having to arrange for your pigs to be fed.

Automatic pig feeders allow for a great deal of convenience. Such systems have entry and exit gates, allow for your pigs to come and go as they please and eat when they want. This will allow your pig a great degree of freedom since they are free to roam and will not have to be individually housed to be fed. As a result, your pigs will be happier and less stressed about feeding times.

2. Efficient

If you have a big farm, the responsibilities of it no doubt keep you very busy. Therefore, you probably need all the help you can get and would welcome any automated processes with open arms.

Automatic pig feeders have gotten tremendously popular among farmers because of how efficient they are. Instead of feeding at regular times, automatic systems are able to gate in each pig, scan individual ear tags, and allot the required amount of feed based on the number scanned. This allows you to concentrate on other obligations knowing that your pigs are feed sufficiently and are therefore content.

3. Safety

The pigs that you keep are more than likely not seen by you as just a major source of income. You are probably somewhat fond of them, at least to the extent that you would not want to see them suffer or experience any hardships. As their keeper you are probably obligated to do whatever you can to keep them safe as well.

Automatic pig feeders play an important role in keeping all of your pigs safe. When pigs enter the gates to feed at a time of their choosing, they are blocked off from others, allowing them to be fed what they need. This allows them to avoid having to compete for food meaning that the smaller pigs can get what they need and will not be threatened by larger sows.

The stress that automatic feeders take out of the situation will result in more easy-going, docile, approachable pigs.

4. Cost-effective

As a farmer you have a lot to pay for including mortgages, utility bills, machinery maintenance, and feed to name a few. Therefore, the main goal is to maximize the income being brought in and minimizing costs.

Automatic pig feeders are effective in reducing costs. Because they are able to provide each pig the required amount of feed based on their ear tag, no feed will be going to waste. Because the feeders allow for the free roaming of your pigs, you do not have to invest in individual creates that take up too much space.

This allows you to have more area if you want to expand operations. The feeders also typically include scales, allowing you to make adjustments to feed amounts as needed.