4 Common Types of Heat Resistant Materials

Heat resistant materials are important because they can protect things like products and sensitive equipment from getting damaged from high temperatures. They can also protect people from getting hurt. These materials can be found everywhere such as in cars, industrial buildings and manufacturing plants.

You can also find it in your own home in places like the oven and anything else that gets hot and needs to be protected, otherwise all these things will get easily damaged. Let’s take a look at some common types of heat resistant materials and what they are used for.

1. Tapes

Heat resistant tapes are capable of tolerating very high temperatures. They come in all kinds of sizes and colours. They can be thick, thin, wide, long, you name it, they’ve got it! These can be used for many applications and industrial uses. These tapes can handle temperatures of over a thousand degrees! They can also be somewhat dual purpose because in addition to being heat resistant, they can also be used to protect something from high pressure. They also are quite resistant to salt water, chlorine and sweat. These tapes are coated heavily with iron oxide and red silicon rubber.

2. Sealants

Heat resistant sealants come in liquid foam as well as cement formulations and they can resist temperatures as high as 1500°F. Sealants can close gaps and help resist high temperatures and also increased pressure, so they are pretty strong. They are capable of curing a seal very efficiently and quickly, so it is also convenient to use in precise industrial works. The cement variety can be used on a manufacturing plant floor, to cover rough surfaces while the foam sealant can be used to seal machined connections or threading. They are also pretty chemical resistant and can minimize shock damage and vibration in places like a hydro generating station, so they are quite versatile in this respect.

3. Firesleeves

Firesleeves can resist temperatures of up to 540°C. They are widely used in the aerospace and industrial applications, mainly because it’s resistant to water, adhesives, flame and oil. They can also be used to protect cables, industrial and hydraulic hoses as well as wires. Despite the fact that they are very effective, they are also relatively inexpensive. Heat resistant firesleeves can be used to protect people and property and can be found in many an industrial facility. They are like an insulated sheet and have silicon coated fiberglass and come in various sizes.

4. Fire Blankets

Heat resistant fire blankets are pretty easy to use and are one of the most popular heat resistant products. Smaller ones can be installed in the home while larger ones are for places like industrial buildings. In case there is a fire, you throw it on top of the fire in order to smother it. Some are also coated with a flame retardant fluid, giving it an even stronger chance to put out small fires.

Without the use of heat resistant materials, there would be too many dangerous situations! Fire blankets can even save a person who is on fire. The aerospace industry uses firesleeves. It is more important and common in certain industries and testing and improvements are an ongoing process.