4 Cool Features of Wooden Watches

Watches aren’t just for telling the time. Many people put a lot of thought into the watch they buy because it is also a fashion statement. It is combined with other fashion accessories which are important to many people. With all the technological advancement with smartphones and god knows what else (blink and there’s something else that’s new on the market), watches have patiently taken a back seat.

If you have never heard (or seen) wooden watches, you are going to want one! So, let’s take a closer look at why you should wear wooden watches.

1. Incredibly Unique

First of all, these wooden watches are unique because when you look around, you will hardly see anyone wearing one. Go ahead and try this little experiment next time you are in a crowded bus, subway or room. Apart from that, these watches are like snowflakes – no two are alike, making them so unique.

Even if it were the same brand and same model, they will still have differences if they are made from hardwood. Imagine owning a watch that nobody else in the whole world has! In fact, even if two watches are made by using the same tree, there will still be differences. Pretty amazing, eh?

2. Eco-Friendly

Could there be a watch that’s more eco-friendly? Wood does not require as much energy as metal. Using something like bamboo to produce a watch leaves less of a carbon footprint. Bamboo is strong and grows fast. Today, there is also much more responsible forestry, unlike years ago. Trees grow virtually everywhere. In fact, some of these wooden watch producers are also known to plant trees when they produce wood watches, thereby being responsible and helping to make sure the resources are not depleted. Wooden watches are also hypoallergenic. Sometimes, metal watches can cause problems with a person’s skin but you don’t really find that happening with wooden watches.

3. Light & Comfortable

Wooden watches are extremely light and comfortable. Some of the mainstream watches are large and bulky and when you wear them, you can actually feel the weight of it. While they may look good, they can also be rather uncomfortable. You cannot say that about wood watches. It hardly causes an issue at work or play, whereas sometimes, with the other watches, you may need to remove them temporarily.

4. Wood Watches Age Nicely

If you have ever worn a watch for many years, you know that it also ‘ages’. You can see it and it does not look as good as it used to. Wood watches on the other hand age beautifully. They look great brand new and even after many years, despite the changes, they actually still look good. You could even compare it to the aging of a fine wine. The more you wear it, the better it will look even after many years.

Many of the better wood watch companies make use of resources from sustainable forests. This means that when a tree is cut down, a new one is planted. This sustainability avoids depletion of natural resources, which is important to some customers. Wooden watches are also not sensitive to heat in the same way that metal watches are. When you buy a wood watch, you really are making an investment in a work of art.