4 Health Benefits of Ozone Therapy

While traditional forms of medicine have proven to be effective in preventing and treating various types of ailments, illnesses, and diseases, there are some people who are reluctant to take them. This is due to a variety of reasons including adverse side effects, allergies, or concerns regarding dependency or addiction. As a result, more people than ever before are turning to naturopathic medicines.

One approach that has become especially popular is ozone therapy. This consists of hooking a patient up to a machine that introduces additional oxygen into the bloodstream. It has been reported that ozone therapy has facilitated improvements in those who suffer from cancer, AIDS, and multiple sclerosis (MS). Below are reasons to consider undergoing ozone therapy and ways it can help you improve or maintain your health.

1. Increases energy

While not having enough energy can be seen as a minor issue, it can make your daily life extremely difficult. Even if it is manageable at first, it can eventually negatively impact employment and social relationships.

Ozone therapy can increase energy by increasing glycolysis in the body. This process involves the breakdown of glucose which in turn releases energy. Humans naturally breath oxygen which eventually creates energy in cells throughout the body. Therefore, ozone therapy which brings additional oxygen into the body will result in the energy needed for you to stay alert and avoid decreases in the vitality needed to finish your day on a positive note.

2. Kills microorganisms

Microorganisms are responsible for severe illness once it enters the body. These can include bacteria, fungi, viruses, and protozoa, a type of parasite. While the human body is naturally able to rid itself of microorganisms, sometimes it needs some help and ozone therapy is one of the ways of doing so.

Ozone therapy rids the body of microorganisms through a process called oxidation. This means that the ozone that enters the body breaks down the walls of microorganisms and when this occurs the invasive cells die very quickly.

3. Instrumental in fighting cancer

Cancer is a deadly illness that has killed millions across the globe. While there have been many positive advances that have been instrumental in combating cancer, it still continues to kill. Ozone therapy alone will not cure cancer, but it has proven to be effective as an adjunct method of treatment.

A common theory regarding cancer is that it is able to survive in areas that are low on oxygen. Introducing ozone therapy into the body boosts oxygen dramatically, removing the ideal environment that allows cancer cells to thrive and preventing them from reproducing. When a cancer survivor is undergoing chemotherapy, this process results in the body not being able to sustain the ideal amount of oxygen required.

Commencing ozone therapy in addition to chemotherapy will give the survivor the oxygen that is taken from them while they fight cancer and giving them the strength that may prove crucial in the process.

4. Helps immune system

The immune system in the human body is responsible for fighting off bacteria and viruses after receiving messages from the central nervous system. Therefore, if your immune system is not working as efficiently as it should, illness and even death can occur.

Ozone therapy assists the immune system by maintaining the balance it needs to stay healthy. An overactive immune system can lead to auto-immune disease where it attacks healthy. In this situation, ozone therapy can act to calm the immune system down. When infections in the human body occur, this means that the immune system did not kill bacteria and viruses as it was supposed to. In this instance, ozone therapy will stimulate the immune system, giving it the ability to fight off microorganisms that can threaten the body.