4 Prospective Careers for Marketing Students

Marketing is an essential part of every industry. Almost all companies hire a trained team of marketing personnel to manage their brand awareness and public reach. Within the field itself there are a variety of positions that a marketing degree qualifies graduates for including: a public relations manager, analyst, promotions director, graphic designer and copywriter.

Given the number of possibilities available within the field, students enrolled in marketing courses should continue reading below where the most sought-after positions are outlined in greater detail.

1. Copywriter

A copywriter is an essential part of creating an advertisement for a company because they write the text for all of its public material. The copywriter is responsible for handling all of the text that is in the company brochures, billboards, websites, emails, advertisements, catalogues and more. This can be a difficult task seeing as the writing will need to be consistent and compelling in their words to express the brand and draw attention to it.

Plus, workers will need to employ optimization techniques that improve their ranking on the internet and their search engine ability for their websites. Students that are interested in copywriting should expect to constantly be learning and changing their tactics to accommodate the newest technologies and advertisements which can result in an exciting and fast paced career.

2. Public Relations

Another career within the field of marketing is public relations. A public relations manager will need to ensure that all potential investors, partners, employee’s and other stakeholders in the organization are pleased with the company and think favorably of the brand. Otherwise, the company’s profits may be at risk if investors are not willing to refinance upcoming projects.

In addition to these internal matters, public relations also deal with the maintenance of a company’s public image by trying to instill a favorable view of it. The public relations department will be responsible for instilling a positive view of the brand by handling all transcripts, designs, and branding for: communication campaigns, news releases, interviews, spokespersons, speeches, and social media content. In turn, helping to ensure a consistent and favorable brand image is instilled on the public.

3. Market Analyst

A market analyst is an individual within an organization that is responsible for studying the current conditions of the industry. Based off of the current market conditions its their responsibility to take the data and apply it to the individual company’s growth. This information is a vital asset for business owners seeing as the results can be used to predict future trends and profits. When companies are able to predict potential conditionals with accuracy it can allow them to allocate resources better and prevent overspending if a decline is predicted.

4. Promotions Director

For students that are seeking an influential role at a company consider working as a promotion’s director. A promotions director works closely with the marketing team in a leadership role to guide them through strategies and upcoming plans. It will be their responsibility to plan any upcoming advertisements and campaigns before they are released to the public.

To complete these advertisements promotions directors will need to coordinate workers, budgets, and contracts to ensure a seamless process. As the director they will also be responsible to review any material or images that are released publicly to ensure a consistent image is achieved. Based on their review, if there are any issues with the material they will need to intercept and correct it to ensure its effective and marketed to the right audience.