4 Signs Your PR Strategy Is Outdated

Public relations is an ever-shifting discipline. There is no guarantee that what worked yesterday will work tomorrow or even today. In fact, public relations models have become very transient in nature.

At the core of the ever-changing approaches to public relations is a transient audience that is scattered across various media. Long gone are the days when all a PR agency needed to do was put a logo on a website. Today’s audience can be found on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and many other social networks.

If your company or organization is not responding to changes in consumer behaviour, chances are that you will find yourself out of business, not because clients don’t like you, but because they no longer flock where you once found them with ease.

An effective public relations strategy must adapt to changing consumer behaviours for any organization to remain relevant and competitive. There are a number of tell-tale signs that point to a public relations strategy that has become outdated. Below are a few of these:

1. It Focuses on One-Way Communication

When the only voice you hear is your own, you are most likely speaking to yourself. If you are a public relations officer, your work is to improve the public’s relationship with the organization you work for. If you can’t hear their voice, it means you have stopped communicating with them, and they have stopped listening to you. Feedback is important in any effective public relations exercise. If no one is responding to your messages, perhaps they have stopped caring.

2. You Lack a Social Media Strategy

The reality is that the world has changed a great deal since Zuckerberg launched Facebook in 2004 and flung wide the floodgates of social media marketing. Today, if your PR strategy has no provision for social media networking, chances are you are shouting yourself hoarse and no one is listening. The “public” in public relations has moved on to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and many other online meeting places.

To get your message to this “public,” you will have to go where they are. And while you are at it, remember to speak their language. Their needs and desires haven’t changed, so you have to stay true to the tried-and-tested fundamentals of public relations. However, their language of expression has changed. You will need to learn this language fast if you want to stand a chance of getting your message across to them.

3. Content Marketing Is a Foreign Word

If you don’t understand what content marketing is all about, your PR strategy is outdated. Having a pretty website trumpeting the virtues of your organization is no longer enough. Strategic content marketing that is aligned with your organization’s products and services will keep web visitors interested in your message. Your PR messages can now be communicated in a way that adds value to your target audience. Just posting press releases and news about your products and services is no longer enough.

4. You’re Not Involving a Professional PR and Communications Agency

Having a PR agency guide your public relations and communications strategy helps you to stay on the cutting edge of PR strategies that have the greatest impact on your target audience. A public relations and communications agency that employs a broad reach of strategic communications will go a long way to enhancing your PR impact.

An effective public relations strategy helps an organization maintain a positive image among its clients. The aim is to always have your target audience feeling good and warm towards your products and services. This emotional bond can only be achieved through an aggressive public relations strategy that is in touch with current developments in the industry.