4 Ways to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

When you are looking for a job, one very important thing you should do is to set up a LinkedIn profile page. Not only is this an important part of job searching, but it can also have a job come looking for you.

Job and sales recruiters tend to do online searches and it is quite possible that someone may contact you before you can contact them. This can be really powerful which is why you should have one set up. With a bit of time and optimization, your page can rank highly in searches and thus, give you more exposure. Let’s look a little deeper into a LinkedIn profile page that can help you land a dream job.

1. Make Connections

Once you have set up your LinkedIn profile page, it is important to make connections. In fact, sometimes, others will try to make connections with you as well. It may be from people you may have known in the past. Making connections is important for several reasons and these include making yourself (or your brand) legitimate and also help you rank much higher. This social network platform can help you achieve your goals if you make quality connections. It will really help you if you can make a few hundred connections.

2. Get The Full Potential

In order for you to get the full potential from your LinkedIn profile page, you have to do several things. For a start, make sure to stay connected as this can eventually help potential employers and headhunters reach out to you. Make sure to add your phone number as well as an email address so that you can be contacted by them.

LinkedIn also has a premium and non-premium membership. An open profile will allow anyone to contact you. Also, endorse your connections and ask to be recommended, as this will help you make lots more connections as well. If there are any groups of interest to you, make sure to follow these. Whenever you send emails, include your LinkedIn URL in your email signature.

3. Job Summary

Make sure to be as informative as possible in your job summary. This will allow a potential employer understand your current role and to see if you will make a good fit if they can see what kind of transferrable skills you can bring to them. Use examples to show what a good job you did. Make sure to use certain buzzwords because that will help your cause.

4. Use A Good Photo

Did you know that it is a fact that profiles with photos are not only noticed more, but people tend to click on it? It’s the same with a lot of other websites. Think about it; if you were looking for a home and checked out a website which listed many homes and some have no picture, you are going to skip those. People will click on something if it offers a photo. Make sure to use a good one for your profile. Remember, this is for a job, so don’t upload one showing your muscles or cleavage or sticking your tongue out. Keep it professional and make sure no one else is in the photo.

It really isn’t very difficult to set up a good LinkedIn profile page. Just follow a few simple rules and you’ll be off to the races.