5 Best Single Speed Bike Features for Cyclists

When searching for a new bike, there are a plethora of options and styles to choose from. Different people will give different advice based on their own personal preferences and experience, so it can be difficult to choose your favourite style of bike. By basing your decisions on the facts, you will more easily be able to decide if a certain style of bike is for you.

One popular style right now is single speed bikes. Just as the name indicates, single speed bikes only have one gear, but these bicycles still contain many features that make them a hot choice for many different styles of cyclists.

Here are the five best single speed bike features for cyclists:

1. Single speed bikes can have a free wheel

Many people believe that single speed and fixed wheel (or fixie) bikes are the same thing, but that isn’t true! A single speed bike can have a free wheel, which is a feature that allows the rider to coast without having to pedal.

Fixed wheel bikes require that the rider pedal constantly, as the wheel and the pedals are connected, which can be hard for some cyclists to get used to. Some people may shy away from single speed bikes, assuming they are the same thing. While fixie bikes do only have one speed, single speed bikes offer a much different riding experience than fixie bikes do.

2. Single speed bikes have fewer moving parts

If you want to get right down to it, because single speed bikes don’t have any extra gears, there are fewer parts that go into the bike itself. This is beneficial for riders because it means there are fewer parts of the bike that require repairing, replacing, or maintenance over time.

As a result of fewer parts, single speed bikes weigh less. Due to this, people partaking in sports like mountain biking will often opt for a single speed bike because there are fewer parts that can come loose, fall off, or break while the bike is undergoing a difficult ride.

3. Single speed bikes have many styles

Even though single speed bikes are known as the more basic or simplistic version of a bike, they do come in a variety of frame styles, so there is still something for everyone. BMX bikes, cruiser bikes, track racing bikes, mountain bikes, and commuter bikes all have single gear options, and all vary greatly in look and style.

Although only having one gear can make pedaling on certain terrains more difficult, single speed bikes are still widely used and have many functions for all types of cyclists.

4. Single speed bikes are cost-friendly

Another nice feature of single speed bicycles is that they are often a bit cheaper than multi-speed bicycles. This is just another added benefit of having fewer parts to deal with. The costs associated with maintaining and repairing a single speed bike are much lower than those required to maintain and repair a bike with multiple gears.

Single speed bikes can also be made of less expensive material, in general, which helps add to the cost-saving feature.

5. Single speed bikes require more energy and effort

Single speed bikes do have one main feature that turns people away, and that is that they require more work on the part of the rider to achieve the same results as multi gear bikes. In the end, multi speed bikes allow the rider to optimize the bike’s reaction to energy with the terrain it is being ridden on.

Single speed bikes don’t have that luxury, so it is ultimately the rider who must force the bike to work in their favour. However, a benefit is that the bike can be set to the preferred gear, so cyclists can set it to match the terrain they ride most frequently.