5 Cleanest Rivers in the World

If you need a plumber to deal with the water pipes in your kitchen, you will call the best one you know, but if you want to know about the cleanest rives in the world, it would be quite enough to read this article. Water is the source of life, and that is something that everyone may just confirm. People who have the everyday access to it usually take it for granted, while for those people who need to walk miles in order to get some clean water, it means the world. From the earliest ages, the importance of water was portrayed, mostly in the fact that some of the first official settlements were near the water.

However, it seems that today, we don’t appreciate it as much as we should. Our rivers are dirty, and our environment is completely polluted, which affects our health quite badly. Besides all of the springs, we are forced to buy bottled water, and in most cases, its quality cannot be guaranteed. We pay for something that the Mother Nature gave us for free, and only when you think of that notion, you may end up feeling devastated.

All in all, not everywhere in the world is like this, and there are some places where water is highly appreciated. These places have some of the cleanest rivers in the world. Make sure to check out our list.

1. River Thames

This is one of the cleanest, if not the cleanest river in the world, which is a little bit odd, considering the fact it flows through a major city – London.  The city has brought many laws in order to protect the river and constantly works on its improvement. This is the portrayal that everything can be done when there is a willingness of the majority.

Sunset over Westminster Bridge and Big Ben shot from the river
Photo by Hugo Sousa on Unsplash

2. Tara (Drina)

This river flows through Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and with its length of 144 km, it is one of the cleanest rivers in the world. It also forms the border between these two countries and is definitely one of the most important rivers in the region.

tara river
Photo by Velizar Ivanov on Unsplash

3. St. Croix River

Photo by The.dharma.bum at Wikimedia Commons

This river is a tributary of the Mississippi River, and with its 264 kilometers of length, it flows through the U.S. states of Wisconsin and Minnesota. Due to its incredible natural beauty and overall importance, it is protected under the National Park Service.

4. Torne River

Photo by Mikko J. Putkonen at Wikimedia Commons

This incredibly clean and beautiful river flows through Sweden and Finland, and a part of it also forms the border between these two countries. It is also one of the biggest rivers in this region, and a great part of it actually flows through some villages that are completely uninhabited by people.

5. Caragh River

Photo by Robert Linsdell at Wikimedia Commons

This clean river is located in Southwestern Ireland, and it flows through some of the most beautiful parts of the country, full of lush greenery and farmlands. It is one of the cleanest rivers in the world, as it suffers very little pollution. It is also one of the top salmon-catching locations in the region.