5 Different Varieties of Corner Guards

Proper corner protection has the effect of lowering the maintenance costs of a facility over time. Corner guards are ideal for protecting the corners of a facility. They are fitted at the top edge of the intersection of any two surfaces. Corner guards typically form a 90-degree angle, which more or less covers almost all corner guard applications. However, corner guards are also available in a flexible material that allows application on acute, obtuse, and rounded corners.

To protect the edges of your wall, the following types of corner guards exist:

1. Clear Corner Guards

These are made from transparent plastic and are highly affordable compared to other types. The beauty of these corner guards is that since they are transparent, they blend in easily and do not interfere with your wall’s design.

Since they are transparent, you will hardly notice them. They, however, do not cover existing damage on your wall. They are made from thin plastic material and have a high impact resistance. Clear corner guards are, however, not the most durable in the market, but they are ideal for use in retail, residential and other buildings.

2. Coloured Corner Guards

Coloured corner guards come in a variety of plastics. They are superior to clear corner guards for a number of reasons. First, they can cover existing damage on various wall corners. Second, they feature a variety of colours that can match any wall design. They can also function as an accent colour for any wall corners.

The coloured corner guards can be texturized on the outside surface to improve their appearance and protect your wall against abrasion. They are also easy to install and provide more fastening options due to their opaque nature. One can use double-sided tape and construction adhesive since it does not show through the material.

3. Two-Piece Corner Guards

Commonly known as retainer corner guards, two-piece corner guards feature a plastic cover that snaps on to the retainer, which fastens to a wall. They provide a high impact resistance since the outside cover absorbs most of the impact. Besides, you can remove and replace covers in case of damage. The texture and colour of the removable covers look like other coloured corner guards.

You can choose from plastic covers, aluminum retainers, and matching top and bottom end caps. Two-piece corner guards are costlier than clear and standard coloured versions. However, they are highly appropriate for use in commercial buildings such as in hospitals and other healthcare centres, and in hotels.

4. Metal Corner Guards

Buildings that face a high impact risk require more durable corner guards such as those made of aluminium or steel. These corner guards can protect corners and keep your building looking unique at the same time. Stainless steel corner guards protect the wall corners from the impact of beds and heavy carts that constantly bump into the corners of your wall.

Where regulations demand that food preparation areas and kitchens feature durable corner guards, stainless steel corner guards are highly recommended since they provide maximum protection while at the same time preserving the design standards of your building. Besides, stainless steel and aluminum corner guards come in different finishes that blend seamlessly with your industrial design theme.

5. Rubber Corner Guards

You can use rubber corner guards at the back of your house or in warehouses such as storage areas and loading docks where there is a lot of movement of boxes, skids, and forklifts. The damage caused when these items bump into your wall corners could severely damage your wall. A thick flexible rubber corner guard, however, provides ideal protection against such hazards. Rubber corner guards may not compliment your design or blend in, but they will save you time and maintenance costs.