5 Guidelines When Buying Your First Motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle is great fun and once in a lifetime experience. Once you get a license, you are ready to buy your first motorbike. Often the first purchase is an exciting moment for the new buyer. However, don’t be persuaded to buy a motorcycle that does not fit you well and overtime may not be what you were looking for. In the beginning, it is recommended to buy a sensible motorbike that fits your needs and budget.

If you are buying the motorcycle to gain experience with the intention of buying a high-performance motorcycle later, then it is best not to spend a lot on your first motorcycle. Also take into consideration that riding your first motorcycle on public roads and highways can be very dangerous. You must be confident and well skilled to ride a motorcycle on busy roads.

Consider these important factors when you are ready to buy your first motorcycle.

1. Knowing where to begin

The first step is to choose a motorcycle type. Determine whether you want to buy a new or used motorbike in the beginning. Used motorcycles are always lower in price and would be good for the first-time buyers. However, they come with a set of maintenance and breakdown issues. For your first motorcycle, it is also good to choose a lighter motorcycle that is manageable at the start. Always consider the weight, ergonomics and seat height. Base your purchase decision on your ability, budget and confidence level.

2. Overestimating your ability

You are new to the whole motorcycle experience. It can be dangerous if you do not maneuver the motorcycle properly. Assess your skills and abilities before you buy your first motorcycle. Try to buy a motorcycle that you can handle and maneuver at the start. High performance motorcycles may be exciting, but can be difficult to ride at the start. After you have built your confidence and skills, you can upgrade to a faster high-performance motorcycle. Don’t think of the expenses, but think about your safety.

3. Consider your requirements

There are various models of motorcycles to suit your needs and budgets. Each one offers different functionalities and are suited for certain requirements. If you use it for work, then you want an economical, low fuel consumption motorcycle that is not too bulky. However, if you are looking for a motorcycle for the weekend and one for short trips, then you may want to look for a sports model or brands like Harley Davidson. There are various styles of motorcycles such as sports, cruiser, touring, standard, adventure dual sports and more. When you consider how you will use your motorbike and recognize your needs, you will surely make they right choice.

4. Choose a bike that fits you

Motorcycles comes in different shapes and sizes, and should suit the human body. When you see a motorcycle you like, take it for a spin. See if you can balance it and are able to reach the ground with your legs. A small and lighter weight motorcycle might be a good option. Smaller motorcycles have small fuel tanks. You also have to check if your knees bend well and are not too straight.

5. Consider your budget

It can get expensive when you have to buy a bike for the first time. Buy a motorcycle only to help you feel comfortable, and then later buy the high-performance bike that you like. Remember that there is the insurance and a variety of motorcycle gear such as helmets, jackets and gloves, which can all add to the overall cost. Don’t forget to take the maintenance cost into consideration as well. High performance motorcycles can cost a lot in maintenance. So, don’t make a rushed decision.