5 Locksmith Tips and Tricks for Homeowners

A new home. A burglary in the neighbourhood. A necessary precaution. A lost key.

There are many reasons why we change our locks and hire a locksmith to do perform this service – you may embrace the do-it-yourself (DIY) lifestyle, but this is something you should not do yourself.

But before you call the first locksmith you see in the Yellow Pages or on your Google search results, you need to be aware of several aspects of locks, locksmith, and homeownership. In fact, locksmiths will tell you everything you need to know.

Here are five things every locksmith wants homeowners to know:

1. Want a Deadbolt? Don’t Use a Contractor

When homeowners are changing all of the locks, they want the best, most durable lock around. In this case, the deadbolt is one that you should aim for. But here is something that any locksmith will tell you: don’t hire a contract to install the deadbolt.

Let’s say you’re renovating the entire property, changing the doors, installing new windows, and making everything new. You may be tempted to get the contractor to impose the deadbolt. Don’t.

The best thing to do is to hire a locksmith to install a deadbolt. They know how to properly do it.

2. Change All the Locks on a New Home

Before you move into your new home, it is critical to change all the locks on every door.

Unless you have constructed the home from scratch, you’re buying property from someone who has lived there for several years – and maybe others have lived there before, too.

You don’t want to risk a previous occupant having keys to your doors. So, just change them and add new ones with different keys. This will ensure your safety and avoid any unnecessary risks.

3. Prepare to Pay a Premium at Certain Times

Lost your keys after a night of playing gin rummy and drinking bourbon? Can’t get into your home now?


But you need to realize that when you contact a locksmith at 1 a.m. on a Saturday or Sunday, you will pay a premium. Indeed, for the most part, you will need to pay extra when you call a locksmith at certain times of the day or the week.

For the most part, anytime between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m., weekends, or holidays you will spend more money to obtain the services of a locksmith.

4. Don’t Call Multiple Locksmiths at Once

Anxious because they’ve been waiting an hour to get inside their home or because they’re not thrilled with the costs involved, some customers call multiple locksmiths at once. What’s worse, when locksmith arrives to the scene, there are at least two other professionals at the site. This isn’t a good thing.

Ultimately, if you need the assistance of a locksmith, then just stick with one locksmith, no matter how long you’re waiting for service.

5. Only Hire a Local Locksmith

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, you should only hire a local locksmith, one that specializes in your area. The entire industry recommends this course of action.

By hiring a locksmith that works outside of your neighbourhood, community, area, or even region, you risk getting an unscrupulous serviceman. You don’t want this to happen. If you hire a real local locksmith, then you know others in the neighbourhood have used him or he has been well-known in the community for years.

No matter how cheap he may be or how fast he may be, just stick to the nearby professional.

Ninety-nine percent of locksmiths are reputable, dependable, and useable. It is that one percent that damages the reputation of the entire industry. However, by employing these measures and taking the necessary precautions, you can ensure that you’re obtaining the best of the best.