5 Merchandising Guidelines to Promote Your Brand

Who doesn’t love free stuff?

To attract eyeballs to your product or service and to generate some buzz for your brand, many startups are investing in promotional giveaways. Some of these endeavours are successful, others fall flat. That said, if you are able to make even one new customer for every 10 or 20 people, then that is a worthwhile achievement.

But what exactly will you give to people for free? Let’s dive deeper!

Here are five tips to select the best promotional items for your brand:

1. Who is Your Target Audience?

There are some brands that cater to everyone and there are some brands that are tailored to specific demographics. For example, Heinz Ketchup is essentially for everyone, while Forever 21 is typically for young women.

When you’re coming up with promotional materials for your brand, it is important to figure out who your target audience is. You don’t want to waste money on investing in promotional efforts by extending products to everyone that walks by. You want your brand to be noticed by your target audiences, otherwise your tossing away finite marketing loonies and toonies.

2. Promotional Bags Are Helpful

One of the best things you could give away to customers and consumers are promotional bags.

A promotional bag is great because people are walking around with a tote bag that is displaying your brand logo (see below). They are, in other words, a walking billboard. Also, since more people are using reusable bags more than ever before, you know they will be sporting these bags regularly.

Moreover, you should fill the promotional bags with some discounts, coupons, and other trinkets.

3. A Useful Product Works

In addition to promotional bags, you should think of other products to hand out to consumers. But they shouldn’t just be random items that have no particular use or will break apart as soon as you touch it.

In today’s world, here are some promotional items to hand out:

  • Advanced pens that make your logo stand out.
  • A USB flash disk that contains several gigabytes of storage.
  • A lint-free cloth to clean your computer monitor screen or smartphone screen.
  • A reusable tote promotional bag (see above).
  • A t-shirt that bears your logo and slogan (this works if you have a catchy slogan).

These are only some of the relevant products that you can take full advantage of. Just make sure that they will be used and have a lengthy lifespan.

4. Information to Display on Your Items

As you purchase your promotional items in bulk and have them designed, you need to determine what information you want to display exactly so that people will discover your brand.

Here are some ideas that you should incorporate into your marketing scheme:

  • Your brand logo, which should be trademarked as soon as possible.
  • Your brand slogan.
  • Your company website.
  • Your company social media accounts.
  • Your marketing department’s hashtag.

Now, you can select all five or you can select only a couple. Whatever helps get some brand awareness.

5. Find the Right Venue for Giveaways

The hardest part of this promotional giveaway initiative is to determine the right venue.

Do you want to stand on a street corner? Do you want to concentrate on industry conferences? Do you want hand out promotional bags, pens, and t-shirts outside of sporting events?

Indeed, there are multiple places to situate, but you should do your research and due diligence first.

If you’re targeting millennials, you don’t want to wait outside of a Tom Jones concert. At the same time, if you’re honing in on seniors, you may not want to focus on a World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) live event.

People love free stuff. They will wait in line, venture through busy crowds, and get cooked in the hot sun to obtain a free product. This is in your favour, but it is important to decide what item or items will be a part of your promotional strategies.

Once you make that determination, then go full speed ahead. Don’t stop.