5 Perks of Automating Your Business Forms

If you run a business and don’t give workers an easy way to log their tasks, you are likely losing time and money. That’s because, handwritten logs and manual inputs slows productivity, requires more labour and leaves room for errors. But, these issues can be resolved by implementing a form app. A form application is the easiest and most accurate way for you to collect and transfer data from workers.

Despite all the benefits that an integrated app can have for your business many managers are reluctant to switch. That’s why, we’ve outlined below the top reasons why you should make the move today.

1. Automate Business Tasks

When you integrate an automated form system to your business, you can automate tasks as well. This means, you no longer have to manually input or message your workers to remind them of their daily tasks. Automating tasks is an easy way to make sure nothing is left behind and all workers are accounted for. When workers know exactly what their daily tasks are and have a tangible workplace form to fill out, there is no wasted time on the job asking what their duty is.

2. Integrate All Your Systems

The majority of businesses use a multitude of programs and systems to function. Between the different drives, email systems, and programs; work documents or forms can quickly become lost if it is not uploaded correctly.

When you implement an automated form application for your workers to use, you are able to program it to sync with all of your programs. This means you don’t have to worry about saving items to multiple drives as the forms will be uploaded to all your systems and visible to all workers.

3. Easily Accessible

Keeping up to date with accurate notes in the field can be hard. But, with the help of an automated form application system the exact same documents will be accessible and editable on all mediums. This means everything from a mobile phone app, to desktop, and iPad systems can be used. Having this means there will be no excuses for workers who say they were unable to fill out a form as it can simply be filled out from any handled device.

This also eliminates the need for field workers to have to connect to a desktop computer to complete work. Plus, forms will not be deleted with a lost internet connection as the form can be saved and auto-sent as soon as connection is re-gained.

4. Minimal to No Training Required

The majority of automated form applications are extremely user friendly. If you’re able to navigate your phone chances are you will be able to navigate the form app. The mobile forms use intuitive and simple templates that are specifically designed for efficiency and accuracy while on the job.

5. Track A Workers Progress

Unlike alternative methods, an integrated app can give you real-time updates and progress reports. This means, you no longer have to schedule a time to check in with workers for progress reports or updated numbers because it will be uploaded to a shared drive system immediately. Seeing this can mean you’re able to give your workers directions and dispatch messages to them in real-time.

The app also has an integrated GPS which records a worker’s location; ideal for auditing purposes. Workers are also able to take photos, videos, and sign documents to workers back in the field. This eliminates any administrative errors and ensures the job is being completed efficiently.