5 Reasons Why The Gairdner Awards Inspire Us

The Gairdner Awards are delivered each year to celebrate and recognize the world’s most innovative and high-achieving biomedical scientists. The main aim of the awards is to show true appreciation and support for pure international excellence in the domain of research regarding human health.

It can be said that there is no final limit to brilliant research and it is an ongoing and evolving task for the entirety of our lives here on earth, and so there are no restrictions to what one may discover. Without these very researchers, evolving medicine would be halted and discoveries made concerning how we can better preserve our health may not exist. We owe a lot to these scientists. Here are a few reasons why the Gairdner Awards are crucially important:

1. Inspiring Medical Research

As these awards are given to scientists who carry out medical research to the greatest of their ability, it inspires other scientists to work harder and do better. To see a colleague, friend, or old classmate achieve such a prestigious award can inspire other scientists to carry out further medical research, which then benefits the whole nation if a breakthrough is made.

Without inspiration, encouragement, and reward, it can be hard to motivate human beings to really do their best. Awards instill a sense of competition among world-leading biomedical researchers.

2. Recognition of Hard Work

Of course, the main reason for providing a reward is to acknowledge and recognize somebody’s efforts and hard work. By recognizing hard work, we encourage a person to continue down that road and carry out more research, leading to even better outcomes.

The only person we are really in competition with is the person we were yesterday, and to recognize somebody’s great achievements pushes them to go even one step further. Furthermore, for the benefits their research provides to our health and our world, we owe it to them to know their hard work is appreciated.

3. Promotion of Scientists

When thinking of successful professions and looking at how successful many large corporations are all over the world, it is so easy to forget and overlook scientists. The pharmaceutical companies get praise, as do hospitals and doctors, but without the research of the scientists, none of those other health professions could function and progress.

Therefore, it is important to remember who the driving force is behind all the medical advances in recent history and who enables pharmaceutical companies, doctors, and hospitals to improve medications and treatment plans.

4. Encouragement of Others

Awarding somebody for their hard work encourages others to work hard. This doesn’t have to be specifically in the science industry, it could be in any industry. To see somebody recognized for their unique skills and determined work inspires other human beings to pursue their dreams and goals, who ultimately can go on to change the world in many ways.

5. Recognize the Importance of Health

Health is wealth, as it is often said, and this couldn’t be truer. Without our health, we have nothing at all. Therefore, it is crucial to recognize and boost the awareness of how important these scientists are who enable us to improve and maintain good health. We often see awards for artists, singers, actors, retailers, and businessmen, but none of these professions could function without health. Therefore, it’s imperative to recognize the hard work that goes in to supporting the most fundamental part of life—our health and well-being.

It can be said that, over many years, the awards given by The Gairdner Foundation have brought to light the work and effort of some incredible human beings—the scientists who allow us to continue living and thriving, and the scientists who work hard for the sole benefit of humanity.