5 Recycling Tips to Help the Environment

Here is an impersonal and controversial question: do you recycle? If so, do you recycle the right way? That’s OK. Take your time. Just be honest with yourself.

We understand that these questions can spark heated conversations and perhaps judgments from friends, family, and neighbours. But even those who pass judgment are probably not recycling the way they should be. You can take solace in that realistic situation.

Everything from recycling recyclables in plastic bags to dumping pizza boxes with leftover slices in our blue bins, there are just way too many things we need to stop doing to effectively recycle.

Want to do your part to help the environment, and the correct way?

Here are five tips to effectively use your recycling bins:

1. Clean Your Recyclables First

It is great that you recycling more than you have ever. Really, you should pat yourself on the back, especially since recycling is becoming such a pressing issue in the entire world.

But if you are recycling glass bottles or tin cans, there is something you need to know: you need to clean these recyclables first. Yes, this can be a pain in the neck, but this is essential.

Simply put: your recyclables need to be freed of any food residue and leftovers.

2. TAP Can Be Recycled


One of the most difficult parts of recycling is determining what can or can’t be recycled.

Well, just tap!

Tin, aluminum, and plastic can be recycled. These are some of the more commonly used and recycled materials.

Did you open up a can of chick peas? Recycle! Do you have a lot of leftover aluminum foil? Recycle! Did you already imbibe a two-litre plastic bottle of soda in a day? Recycle!

3. Don’t Recycle Your Clothes – Donate Them


A lot of us are too lazy to head over those bins we see on the street to drop off our clothes. We walk or drive by and think it would be a great idea to donate a pair of jeans we haven’t fit into since high school (yikes!). But then when it comes down to it we just don’t feel like it anymore.

Whatever you do, you must avoid placing your recycling in the blue or green recycling bin.

This will do far more harm than good. So, either keep those jeans and hopefully fit into them in a couple of years or muster up the energy to travel to the donations bin.

4. Refrain from Dumping Food

Municipal workers are issuing dire warnings: a third of what we recycle cannot be correctly recycled. One of the biggest problems facing the recycling plants is leftover food.

For instance, you are recycling a pizza box, but you’re leaving behind a couple of slices. The food scraps can potentially contaminate recyclables. You need to be careful moving forward.

5. Plastic Bags Don’t Go in the Bins

When it comes to recycling, many of us have the best of intentions. We want to recycle anything we can get our hands on. But we generally go about it the wrong way.

Here is one thing that is causing the city to gripe: recycling our recyclables in plastic bags.

It is true that we don’t have the necessary items, or even the desire, to correctly recycle the plastic bottles or tins cans. Because the plastic bags can generate issues with the machinery at the facility, plastic bags can’t actually be recycled.

Do you have a lot of bottles, cans, and cartons? It’s simple: put them individually in the bin.

Recycle. Reduce. Reuse. And close the loop.

If you were around sometime in the 1980s and 1990s, then you probably remember this catchy tune. But this is something that is critical to remember. Because of so many things we produce and consume in this world, we need to recycle more than just toss it in the garbage.

Should you incorporate more recycling into your daily routine, then you need to do it the right way. Otherwise, your goals will be for naught and your objectives will enter the dust bins.