5 Shopping Advice for Buying a Futon

Futons has gained tremendously in popularity due to their cost, comfort, and versatility. However, with so many on the market it may be difficult to find the right one for you. Below are 5 tips when buying a futon.

1. Size

Before purchasing a futon mattress, make sure it is the right size. A futon too big may not fit into the area you want to put it in. One too small will make the room tit is in look sparse and will not comfortably accommodate who sits on it or uses it for a bed.

To ensure you get the right-sized futon, take measurements of the space you will be putting it in. Then take measurements of the actual futon in the store. This will give you an accurate idea of whether it is too big or too small. Also, be mindful of the fact that you eventually may want to move it to another space or keep it out of the way when it is not in use. Therefore, you want to make sure it is not too heavy so you can do so with ease.

2. Comfort

There are admittedly some futons available that are cheap and have thin mattresses, making them uncomfortable for everyone that uses them. As a result, you want to shop around and get one that is not like this.

When buying a futon, try a few different ones out to confirm that they offer a great degree of comfort. These types will have a strong metal or wooden frame with a thicker mattress that will not allow someone to feels the bars along the bottom when they use it. Do not be afraid to sit and lie down on the futon in the store before making your purchase. After all, you want it to be comfortable for anyone sitting or sleeping on it.

3. Colour & design

You want your futon to be comfortable first and foremost but obviously it has to look good and match the rest of your home too. Otherwise, it will stick out like a sore thumb and be the focus of the room when you probably do not want it to be.

Futons come in a vast variety of colours and designs. As a result, you will be able to get one that goes perfectly with the room it will be in. Be mindful of wall colours, window fixtures, area rugs, and other pieces of furniture in the area. That way, you are guaranteed to get a futon that matches and flows flawlessly.

4. Purpose

When buying a futon, you need to decide what purpose you want it to ultimately serve. That way, you can get the one that will best suit your needs as well as that of any company that you have that may use it.

If you will be using your futon as your daily bed or have a guest who will be using it for an extended period or relatively often, you need to make sure it is comfortable and accessible. Otherwise, pain and discomfort to the neck and back may follow. If your futon will be more of a decorative piece used for sitting on occasion, you can probably get away with one that is cheaper and therefore has a thinner mattress.

5. Versatility

Futons can effectively serve two main purposes: as a chair and as a bed. As a result, you need to confirm that it can act transform into one position from the other. Otherwise, it will too frustrating to even use.

Before purchasing a futon, try to convert it when it is on display in the store. This entails changing it from a sofa to a bed and back again. This will give you a better idea of whether you will be able to use the futon as intended and you will experience no frustration or injuries when doing so.