5 Social Media and Marketing Tips for Accountants

No, today’s generation of accountants are not sporting white short-sleeve dress shirts, wearing pocket protectors, and holding big red staplers. Like other industries, the fresh crop of modern-day professionals has given the accounting profession a little bit of a makeover.

And it’s about time!

But how exactly did they achieve this transformation? It’s simple: social media!

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and a wide array of other social media networks have allowed accountants to show off their personality as well as their acumen. Following the path of other brands, accountants and accounting firms are looking to be more than just number crunchers.

Are you interested in boosting your social media presence? Well, it’s important to get started right away and to establish a game plan to get noticed.

Here are five social media marketing tips for accountants:

1. Be Active on Facebook or Twitter

A common mistake that self-employed professionals make is by launching a social media account and then remaining inactive for much of the year. This won’t work.

In order for a Facebook or a Twitter account to work, you need to be active a lot of the time. If you think posting a message to your wall or tweeting something once every two months will work, then we have some bad news for you: it won’t work.

So, what’s the solution? Here is one crucial: start a goal of posting something at least twice per day – and make it count and be meaningful – and then increase it to three, five, and eight.

2. Content is King – Even for Accountants

If you’re in accounting, then you may not have heard this clichéd saying before: content is king.

That’s right. It may be hard to believe, especially for accountants, but social media content is imperative for accountants if they wish to excel on Facebook or Twitter. Without any content, then how can you attract eyeballs and stand out from the crowd?

Here are a few content tips to consider:

  • Post an interesting industry statistic.
  • Publish creative memes relating to your field.
  • Share an accounting-related news story.
  • Participate in a trending hashtag – but only if it relevant to your specialty.

Content will ensure that any digital marketing campaign becomes a success.

3. Maintain an Active Presence

This ties in the first point, but it needs to be highlighted in a different way: do not take a lengthy hiatus from social media. Even if you’re on vacation, you still want to be posting content so that followers will still see you in their feeds.

How can you accomplish this when you’re away? That’s easy: take advantage of automation.

Indeed, there are multiple automated social media services out there. As long as you produce content in advance, or have something interesting to post, you can establish an automated schedule so that you won’t miss a day of tweeting.

4. Engage with Your Audience & Rivals

Did a client post a raving review about you? Does a prospect have a question? Is there someone in the social media world who is stumped about something accounting-related?

This is your opportunity to engage them. Customer engagement is a great way to obtain customer feedback on what you are doing right and wrong, or what you could be doing even better.

A growing number of brands, startups, and large businesses are realizing an opportunity: user engagement. This is crucial to being different: actively communicating with the audience.

Moreover, when you don’t want to look like you’re pressuring everyone you come into contact with, one of the best things you can do is to engage with rivals as well. This can consist of sharing some of their content, making a friendly comment, or even making recommendations.

5. Don’t Behave as if You’re Always Selling

Hungry for business? Craving clients? Want to feast on numbers? When you’re leveraging online marketing, it can be easy to fall into the trap of always portraying yourself as a desperate salesman a la Willy Loman. Unfortunately, this will do more harm than good.

Simply put: you can’t behave as if you’re always selling or wanting something. If you’re despairing, they will know. Be calm, stay relaxed, and have fun.

Social media marketing has become an important tool in any accountant’s arsenal to garner clients and maintain a steady stream of revenues. Whether it is tax season or a small business needs to balance the books, accountants are always in demand – it continues to be one of the most in-demand employment opportunities today – so tap that opportunity by leveraging Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and the myriad of other social networks.