5 Steps to Take After Forgetting Your Safe Combination

Can a locksmith open a safe? If you’ve been unable to gain access to your safe at some point, then this question has probably crossed your mind. Forgetting your safe combination can be stressful because this is where you store your valuables. However, you need not panic. It is nothing a locksmith cannot fix, and sometimes you can even fix it by yourself. Before you call in the pros, there are a few steps you can take to see if you can access the safe.

  1. Establish What Type of Safe You’re Dealing With
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The type of safe you have will determine the technique you will need to unlock it. Safes come in different types, security rating, and brands. All these are factors that need to be considered when trying to unlock it. You do not want to make any mistakes as that would mean you would have to buy a new safe.

  1. Did It Come with An Override or Master Key?
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Most safe manufacturers know that it is possible the owner will forget the combination at some point. Therefore, they create alternative methods to gain access to the safe just in case. Find out whether the safe came with an emergency access key. If you can find the override in the owner’s manual that came with the safe, then you’re good to go.

  1. Did It Come with A Change Key?
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If you find that your safe does not come with an override key, a change key is also another option. Breaking into your safe should be the last option as it can permanently damage the sage. For this reason, it’s prudent to find out if the safe allows for a change key.  A change key can help change your safe’s combination and allow you to regain access. Whether or not the safe allows the use of change keys is information available in the user manual. A change key is inserted into the back of the safe and a given combination entered from the front side. This resets your combination and gives you access to the safe. You can then change to a combination you will be sure to remember.

  1. Call the Safe Company
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You might want to give the safe company a call. Some companies will help retrieve your combination after you provide proof of ownership and the serial number of the safe. You might be required to write a notarized letter indicating that you own the safe. To avoid the hassle of having to write a notarized letter, you need to have registered your ownership with the company after purchasing the safe. This will make the combination retrieval process a breeze.

  1. Contact Your Locksmith
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In case all the measures above fail, maybe you should consider contacting your local locksmith. Can a locksmith open a safe? The answer is yes. One of the areas they’re trained on is how to safely gain access to a safe. Make sure to hire a locksmith with knowledge and experience in handling safes. The last thing you want is to end up with a damaged safe.