5 Steps to Use a Coffee Enema Correctly

Coffee enemas are an inexpensive, effective, and safe way to cleanse the body of toxins and promote overall health. They can be purchased online, performed in the comfort and privacy of your home, and don’t take much time at all.

You simply need to follow a few simple steps and your coffee enema will be over with before you know it. That being said, there are some suggestions you should follow in order to ensure that the whole process goes as smoothly as possible and that you don’t encounter any surprises along the way.

1. Don’t force anything and always listen to your body

One of the biggest problems people encounter when trying out a coffee enema, or any enema for that matter, for the first time, is that they are unable to hold it for the recommended amount of time. Most experts will advise that you hold the coffee enema for 15 minutes, if possible.

For many, that simply won’t be possible and although you should expect to feel some discomfort while trying to retain the liquid inside of you, it shouldn’t become unbearable or painful. It is important with any health procedure to listen to your body and to be patient if it doesn’t go exactly according to plan the first time you try it.

2. Cleanliness is crucial to the safety of the procedure

This may seem obvious but it really can’t be overemphasized. Unlike regular water enemas, coffee contains acidic compounds that can compromise the integrity of latex or rubber bags. That means that when it comes to ensuring the cleanliness of your coffee enema, you should opt for a glass or stainless steel kit. They will also last longer and be easier to clean and keep clean.

Also, remember that after every use, the kit should be cleaned meticulous and dried thoroughly before going into storage.

3. Coffee enemas are not your solution for constipation

Unlike water enemas, that are generally considered a great way to relieve mild constipation, coffee enemas are intended for detoxification, and should only be conducted when the bowels are already empty. If you haven’t had a proper bowel movement on the day you have planned to proceed with your coffee enema, it is advisable to begin with a pure water enema to clean out the colon before putting anything else inside of yourself.

4. Use a dark roast coffee cooled to body temperature

Dark roast coffee promotes the release of natural oils that will not only increase how effective the procedure is, but will simply make the entire process a lot more comfortable. In addition, you want to make sure that the coffee has cooled to a comfortable body temperature before you begin the enema.

You could do damage to your body if the coffee is too hot, not to mention the fact that it will be much harder to hold inside of yourself for the recommended amount of time.

5. Don’t worry about the caffeine, but do drink lots of water

Even if you’re someone who is generally very sensitive to caffeine, performing a coffee enema should not have any of the adverse effects that you may experience when you drink too much coffee. Due to the fact that you are detoxing, you should actually be experiencing a calming effect and feel relaxed once the process is complete.

Of course, if it is your first time especially, your body may respond in an unfamiliar way. That is completely normal, just be sure to drink lots of water and consume minerals in order to fully replenish your body following the procedure.