5 Types of Compressed Air Products

Compressed air products come in a wide variety that help to cool or amplify applications, including personal cooling systems, air knives, airflow amplifiers, cabinet coolers, hazardous location coolers, vortex tubes, needle coolers and cold air guns. In understanding what they are, you will know what you need for personal or office use.

Find a manufacturer that offers a wide range of compressed air filtration products. Their variety can help with a slew of needs that may come up at your industrial plant.

Here are a few things offered and what they assist with:

1. Air Amplification Nozzles/Air Jets

These jets are designed to significantly reduce compressed air consumption by comparison to open jets. The open-design principle behind them allows air to accelerate and entrain free surrounding existing air upon exit. The power and precision of these jets is fantastic.

They can be used for: blowing off chips, powders, dusts, or trim scrap, cooling or drying parts and assemblies, cleaning debris or stripping water and solvents, among many other uses. They are also OSHA compliant, on top of everything.

2. Air Knives/Curtain Transvectors

Air Knives/Curtain Transvectors deliver a flat sheet of amplified air to effectively blow off wide surfaces of debris. They dry at high speeds for a broad range of industrial applications while eliminating static cling and the discharge of dust and particle blow-off. They are used for printing and labeling, converting and packaging, films and lamination, form and fill, among many other uses including paint preparation and drying, of course.

3. Cold Air Guns

Cold air guns are used for spot cooling. The used compressed air and vortex tube technology to produce sub-zero air for industrial spot cooling. They are used in a variety of industrial processes, fabrication, assembly and packaging. As a versatile cooling device, they can be used: in milling, drilling, turning and other metal working operations, machining of plastics, composites, wood, and other materials, surface grinding, drill and tool sharpening, and more!

4. Needle Coolers

Needler coolers are, essentially, spot cooling systems that can be used in a variety of industrial processes, fabrication, assembly and packaging because of their versatility as a product. Like cold air guns, they can be used widely in milling, drilling, turning and other metal working operations.

Plus, they are also used as CNC routers, blades and band saws, spot cooling of parts and assemblies, industrial sewing and textiles, and, if you can believe it – even more! The various models are used to meet a variety of needs within industrial plants. Models available include mini cold air guns, adjustable cold air guns, and sewing machine gun needle coolers.

5. Vortex Tubes

Vortex tubes are affordable for a variety of industrial plants to meet a variety of needs. The vortex electronic coolers are effective and help with spot cooling and process cooling. They are commonly used as spot cooling devices on machines, assembly lines and processes.

Other compressed air products offered include: airflow amplifiers, cold air guns, hazardous location cabinet coolers, panel coolers, personal cooling systems, and vortex A/C cabinet coolers.