6 Cannabis Oil Benefits for Medical Use

The recent debate on cannabis usage has brought in its fair share of defenders as it has its detractors. Look no further than some parts of the western world, where the legalization and commercialization of marijuana-related products has caused quite a stir in social debates. As it pertains to cannabidiol oil, or CBD as its commonly referred to, the product brings with it a ton of advantages.

Due to the extracted cannabinoids present, an individual may experience numerous health benefits without the mind-altering effect of the actual marijuana plant being present. Here are six of the main cannabis oil benefits for medical use:

1. Pain Relief

Pain relief is one of the main reasons why individuals seek out medical cannabis oil as a treatment option. Studies have shown that using CBD oil can reduce chronic pain, reduce inflammation, and aid in overall movement and mobility. The source of this comes down to our bodies producing endocannabinoids, neurotransmitters that create a receptive bond with cannabinoids.

Whether through a few droplets into your food or through an oral spray, CBD oil has a surplus of health benefits when compared to your typical over the counter medicinal products.

2. Mitigates Cancer-Related Symptoms

The cannabis oil benefits include a strong effect in reducing issues that are symptomatic of cancer. In addition, symptoms related to side effects from cancer treatment, such as nausea, were also discovered to be positively treated by its usage.

Research has proven that cannabis oil has had a demonstrable effect on cancer patients that they previously could not receive from alternative pain medication. The oil has also proven wonders in its ability to assist those undergoing chemotherapy. When used as a supplement, ingesting CBD oil through a spray reduces related symptoms such as vomiting. This is in contrast to just undergoing the standard chemotherapy treatment alone, proving CBD’s viability in the fight against cancer.

3. Reduces Anxiety

Benefitting not just your physical health, CBD oil has been proven to help those struggling with various mental health challenges. The most common issues it has aided with are anxiety and depression, both of which have long-term detrimental effects on your overall wellbeing. Pharmaceutical prescriptions are given to those suffering from these mental illnesses, but they bring about their own negative side effects such as insomnia.

CBD oil, on the other hand, has numerous antidepressant effects that are found in the compounds within the active extract. This means that it can safely treat anxiety and depression-like symptoms, but from a more natural approach.

4. Benefits The Heart

Although not as exhaustive as the research on pain relief or reducing anxiety, some studies have shown promising returns on CBD oil’s impact on the heart. Some scientific inquiry has shown that cannabis oil can positively impact one’s overall circulatory system by reducing high blood pressure. This is directly correlated to the antidepressant-like effects that CBD oil contains.

Additionally, some animal studies have resulted in the discovery of the oil’s ability to reduce inflammation and cell death, both of which are associated with heart disease. However, more human studies are needed to continue proving its feasibility for sustaining the heart’s health. The future, however, looks bright on this particular organ.

5. Helps You Quit Smoking

The cannabis oil benefits include helping those who are having trouble kicking their smoking habit to the curb. Research has shown that those who use it are, overtime, committed to smoking less cigarettes or tobacco-related products.

Additionally, individuals were noted to have no further cravings for nicotine. CDB oil also assisted in mitigating potent side effects that were associated with smoking such as mood-related issues or pain. As is the case with the oil positively impacting one’s heart, more research is needed. However, it has been proven that withdrawal has been significantly reduced if the product is used daily in some fashion.

6. Slows Alzheimer’s Disease

The active compounds within cannabis oil are also effective in slowing down the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Specifically, it has been proven to slow the formation of amyloid plaques. These plaques are known for killing brain cells, which, in turn, accelerates the progression of the disease. CBD oil acts as a blocker to the amyloid plaques. It slows their establishment by blocking out the enzyme concealed within the brain that produces them. Thankfully, the evidence has shown that overall deficits in social recognition can be made note of before it advances into more serious stages.

Cannabis oil has already established itself as a significant tool in reducing common pain issues. Although its benefits go way beyond just the minimizing of pain, what remains promising is the fact that those in the medical field are still discovering further advantages. Future research will certainly bring those benefits to light, which can only mean additional relief for those seeking alternative options to traditional medicine.