6 Most Useful Advice for Moving to a New City

Moving into a new city can be a bit scary, especially if the city is in a different country or continent than where you previously lived. Getting to know new local customs and cultures, figuring out the best places to buy food, take the bus, or see the sights…it can all be overwhelming. And that feeling is doubled when you’re also dealing with the confusion and chaos of moving all your belongings – your whole life – to a new location.

When moving to a new city, it’s easy to lose yourself in the stress, hustle, and bustle of moving. We’ll unpack six advice for moving to a new city with as little stress as possible:

1. Take the time to organize everything

You know what advice will make moving to a new city that much easier? Having everything neatly packed, categorized, and insured for the big move. You don’t want to arrive in a strange new world and be unable to find the belongings that say ‘this is home’ to you. Label each packing box with a rough list of its contents and be sure to oversee the movers so that you know they haven’t forgotten anything.

When you arrive at your new house, apartment, or condo, you’ll be able to unpack all the essentials and have your new home feeling like, well, home in no time at all. Plus, having all your possessions neatly labeled will make fully moving in a much more organized endeavour. The professional movers will be able to identify these labelled boxes clearly, making the process easier and smoother for everyone.

2. Keep a support system around you

Chances are that you know only a couple people – if any – after moving to a new city. Not having a bunch of friends and family around can be daunting for anyone, even frightening. Thankfully, there’s a couple of solutions to this problem.

First of all, don’t ditch your old friends, and other acquaintances. Yes, you probably won’t have many more fun experiences together since you’ve moved away, but they are still there for you. They’re still your support base. You can always text and call and email them with your worries, triumphs, and questions. And then there’s also the friends you’ll make in the city you’ve moved to.

Get out there and socialize! Work functions/work friends are probably your best bet for meeting new people. But you can also look up planned activities and events in your city for further opportunities to find your new social circle.

3. Do some research on your phone

This one is a given for almost everyone, but there may be an avenue of phone research that’s slipped your mind: mobile apps. There are plenty of great apps out there that will give you tailored recommendations and directions for/to all sorts of great businesses in your area. Whether you’d like to find a good restaurant at which to celebrate your move or you need your shirt dry-cleaned, there are plenty of resources in the various app stores.

Apps are especially helpful when you don’t know anyone in your new city – but you still want local, personalized, useful recommendations. And once you start going places, you’ll make great connections with other people.

4. Drive (or walk) around your immediate area

When moving to a new city, it’s vital that you acclimate yourself to your surroundings as soon as possible. You’ll need to figure out what grocery stores, gas stations, and malls are close to your house – all the essentials. The best way to do this is to go for a drive as soon as you have some free time.

Figure out where everything is. If you live in the downtown area of your new city, you might simply be able to walk to wherever you need to go. Figure out directions for that too!

5. Make sure you know how to get to work

Nobody wants to come in an hour late on their first day at a new job. That’s why you should run through the route to your workplace a day or two before you actually begin working there. (If you have time.) You’ll be able to work through any complications and figure out exactly when you should leave the house in order to get to work on time – or, preferably, a little bit early.

6. Don’t stress over upsets

As we’ve said before, moving to a new city is a stressful proposition (though it can be hugely rewarding – and often is). One way to keep your cool through all the mishaps and problems that crop up is to determine that you’re going to let things happen…and you’re not going to try to control the uncontrollable. Maybe the hydro company forgot to turn your water on. Maybe you can’t figure out the GPS system to find your new friend’s house. Maybe you’re just homesick.

You can’t fix everything. Nothing will ever be one hundred percent perfect. But you’re rocking this new city and you should be proud of that! So many things can go wrong but if you focus on what goes right, your move will be that much more relaxing.