6 Reasons to Move to Texas

If you want to move, you should definitely take Movers Winnipeg into consideration, but if Texas is your option, you should also read our list of reasons to move to Texas. More and more Americans, who are willing to move in search of a better life, end up in the State of a lonely star – Texas. The second largest State when it comes to its size and number of residents, this State receives the incredible number of people from other States and from the rest of the world every year. This is the land of cowboys, prairies, and pastures, but also oilfields, thanks to which it is rapidly developing. Even five out of the ten fastest growing cities in America are in Texas, which is also the birthplace of US President Lyndon Johnson and Dwight Eisenhower, and the place where George W. Bush has grown up. The capital of State of Texas gives a good insight into the tradition of the south, but it is also a place of significant cultural events. Austin is the fourth-largest city in Texas, while much larger cities are Dallas and Houston. It is known as a city of numerous cultural events. Every March, there is a festival of music, film, and multimedia “South by SouthWest”, which brings together more than 20,000 people from all over the world. With a beautiful climate and lots of sunshine, this city lives for 24 hours. Keep reading to find out more about the reasons to move to Texas.

  1. No state income tax

Among so many things to pay over the year, it’s good to know that the residents of Texas do not pay state income tax, being one of seven other states with this benefit.

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  1. It has some of the best places for vacation

When you live in Texas, you don’t need to travel outside the borders if you want to spend a great weekend with friends or family. If you like hiking, Texas hills are inevitable and incredible.

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  1. Climate is just amazing

If you strive to experience all four seasons, again, you don’t need to go outside your state or a continent. Texas has it all, and the most incredible are actually summer nights; pleasant, warm, and beautiful.

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  1. Mix of cultures and incredible people

No matter where you come from, you are always welcome in Texas. When you go there, you will experience the clash of different cultures, but people’s friendly attitude will definitely astonish you.

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  1. Jobs and life are affordable

The best thing about Texas is actually its very low cost of living. Additionally, the unemployment rate is lower than the national average and professional, so this is a great state for job seekers.

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  1. Higher education is on top

With more than 200 colleges and universities, Texas seems to be a heaven for people who want to get a higher education degree.  The most influential and important universities in this state include Rice University, Texas Tech University, Southern Methodist University, and many more.

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